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Write A Sales Letter In 5 Days Challenge - (Day Two) // THREAD //

Welcome to Day Two of the "Write a sales letter in 5 days" Challenge. Today we're going to be getting to know our ideal customer… Here's how to go about it…

Before we begin.... If you missed the previous day(s) you can catch up here

The task for Day 2 is to KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER As Joseph Sugarman said "You’ve got to be an expert on who your customer is by gathering specific information on whom you are selling to"

The task for today is to gather all the "Specific Information" we can about our customer. The first question you need to ask yourself is "Who is my ideal customer"? If you did your product research well you shouldn't have any problems answering this question.

All you have to do is : Go back to the information you gathered about your product.. Go through all those features you listed once again.. Think. What are you going to think about? It's simple… Who is going to benefit the most from your product?

That's who your ideal customer is. As much as you might want you cannot sell to everybody. You're only going to sell to the guy who's gonna benefit the most from your product I'm still gonna continue using the tweet scheduler as an example…

Who stands to gain the most from all those features listed out in the product research.. Remember the features I listed out were… Scheduling of tweets Auto Dm feature Thread delay feature Auto plug Feature Auto Retweet feature Here are the benefits each feature has…

👉 If you're always busy you can bring out 15 minutes to schedule a couple of tweets so you can focus on other things. 👉 You can use the auto Dm to grow your account or your email list by sending your followers a freebie via Dm.(its all automated)

👉 Thread delay can help you get more engagement on your threads by posting a part of your thread at the top of the timeline at specified time intervals 👉 If any of your tweets go viral you can automatically add a link to your course or email list using the auto plug feature

👉 Auto Retweet makes sure people in other time zones see your tweets. Your tweets could get retweet automatically even when you're asleep… Now.... Who is going to gain the most from all these benefits..

If I had to take a wild guess it would be the guy who is trying to grow an online audience and monetize. Ideal customer found ✔️ But that's only one part of the job.

The second part is to find that specific information we were talking about before.. In this case.. We are gathering specific information about the guy who wants to grow and monetize an online audience. You are going to go and look for that information now…

Here are a couple of sites you can use… Quora Reddit Twitter Online Forums Amazon Reviews Answerthepublic(dot)com, etc.. You're looking for : His Problems - Things preventing him from growing and monetizing his audience His Questions - Things he is confused about.

Results & Desires - The reason behind the desire to achieve that goal Finding these will help you figure out the market awareness & market sophistication of your ideal customer which will be useful in the later stages of this challenge..

Remember that Google drive folder you created yesterday? You're going to add another Google doc to it and name it "CUSTOMER RESEARCH" Create a table inside that Google doc (3 columns also) Name them Desire, Obstacle to achieving desire & Effort to overcome obstacle

When you go to any of these sites you can type in keywords related to the problem your product solves.. For the example we're using I can type in..

"Twitter Growth" "Twitter Growth Tips" "How to make money from Twitter" "Twitter monetization" "How to grow fast on Twitter" For each problem they have, figure out how they've been trying to solve it and what their desire is and then use it to fill up the table..

Example : You might see a question like… "I want to get leads from Twitter but I can't seem to grow my account. I've tried engagement groups, writing 8 tweets daily and still no improvement.. What should I do? Does anyone have any ideas"? From this question we can see…

The desire - To get more leads from Twitter The obstacle - Can't seem to be able to grow Effort - Writing 8 tweets daily You have to get as much of these as you can and fill up your table with them..

The fun part about this exercise is that by the time you're done, the copy has already started writing itself.. Don't believe me? Let me show you.. Look at the first result we got from our research. Can't you see a headline there?

Your headline can easily be "Grow your Twitter account without having to tweet 8 times everyday" Or "Generate X number of leads spending only 30 minutes a day on Twitter" They might not be the final ones to go with but it's a start.

You can refine and edit from there and this is only from one research result.. Imagine if you have 20 of these. So your task for today is to find out about your customer's desires, obstacles and efforts they've taken to overcome that obstacle.

Find as many as you can using this different sites I showed you and arrange them in a Google doc. The task for tomorrow is going to be even more interesting.. Stay Tuned…

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