nsfw// atsumu loves kiyoomi. god he loves him so much he would give his life for him. atsumu loved everything about kiyoomi: his hands, his eyes. the way his curls fall perfectly over his head. his moles. god, his moles. He’s painted in moles. his arms, legs, forehead+

they’re everywhere and atsumu can’t complain. it happens the first time Kiyoomi stays over. “shower’s all yours, atsumu,” he whispers, unwrapping the towel from his hips. atsumu makes an affirmative noise, walking into the bathroom and stopping when he sees the reflection+

on the mirror. and kiyoomi must feel the way he stares. “what?” atsumu looks up, eyes staring into kiyoomi’s eyes through the reflection. “you have… something on your ass,” “my ass?” kiyoomi contorts until he huffs out a laugh. “it’s a couple of moles,” +

atsumu smirks and kiyoomi knows what it means. “you’ve seen them before, don’t be weird,” atsumu is now walking to him. “oh, i haven’t,” kiyoomi stumbles over the bed, atsumu’s hand on the back of his head. “are you really getting turned on by this?” +

“oh baby, you don’t even know,” and kiyoomi does know from the way he feels atsumu’s cock over his abs. “do you wanna?” atsumu asks with a silky voice that will have kiyoomi on his knees. he loves that he asks. kiyoomi nods and atsumu goes for his lips first. +

he kisses him hungrily, like he’d been missing him even though they just fucked a while ago. “you’re so fucking gorgeous, kiyoomi,” he whispers against his lips and squeezes his ass the way he can. kiyoomi moans at the comment, back arching and cocks rubbing together+

“fuck,” he curses under his breath and atsumu smiles. and then, kiyoomi feels precious. atsumu drops kisses on every inch of skin he has; kisses each one of his fingers and slides up his arms, then his chest going down over his happy trail. his inner thighs tremble at the+

feeling of lips over the skin. he kisses his legs and the rolls him over atsumu’s eyes roam around his pale, porcelain skin filled with dark dots all over. “god,” he swallows. “you’re perfect,” kiyoomi blushes, hiding his face in his arms. “don’t stare too long,” +

atsumu chuckles and kiyoomi feels his hands dig to his ass. he kisses his back, slowly going down until he reaches the small of his back and the dimples that drive atsumu crazy. and kiyoomi moans again at the touch. atsumu stops and kiyoomi knows he’s thinking something. +

and then, he feels it: canines digging into his ass cheek, right where his moles are. kiyoomi yelps and atsumu holds him in place. “can i eat you out?” kiyoomi whines, nodding and separating his legs. atsumu smirks and prepares to dig in. it should be fun to make a mess

FIN!!!! this was a quick thought aaaaaaaaaaaa

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