#sakuatsu // nsfw, somnophilia there was just something with the way atsumu looks while he’s asleep; forehead relaxed, long lashes casting shadows on his under eyes, lips slightly parted. he looked at peace, as if nothing in the world could ever disturb him. except kiyoomi.

his thumb swipes across atsumu’s plush bottom lip, eyes drifting down to atsumu’s shirt which was slightly ridden up, exposing his toned stomach and the curve of his waist. these are the moments that kiyoomi can’t believe that atsumu is all his.

kiyoomi nuzzles his neck, lips grazing against the spot where he knows atsumu is sensitive. atsumu stirs in his sleep. “o..mi?” “sweetheart,” kiyoomi presses a kiss on his jugular. “can i?” atsumu has long agreed to this, but kiyoomi gets his consent all the time.

he gets a short hum in response before atsumu lays on his side. kiyoomi removes atsumu’s shorts completely, guiding his leg to rest above the pillow he’s hugging close. sliding his boxers down low enough, kiyoomi brushes the head of his cock in atsumu’s entrance.

kiyoomi doesn’t even need to prep atsumu, who takes him in like it’s second nature, showing how much trust he’s placed on him, as if kiyoomi’s cock was meant to be buried inside him. he starts slow, taking his time sliding in and out of atsumu.

atsumu mewls softly, burying his face in the pillow when he picks up the pace, but kiyoomi strokes his waist gently in assurance, shushing him. “sweet dreams, my love.” kiyoomi whispers into his ear as he fucks him back to sleep.

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