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I run a $400K/year business with 0 employees Here are 7 lesser-known tools I use to get more done in less time:

This isn’t one of those threads where I’ll share the same 7 tools that everyone always talks about These are tools that you either: A) Haven’t heard of B) Hadn’t considered using for this specific use case Ok. Let’s dive in...

1. @vidyard (Loom alternative) How I Use It: > Record personalized videos for newsletter sponsors & instructions for contractors Why I Prefer it: > Generous free plan > Videos can be 1 hour long (not just 5 mins) > You know when your video is viewed and how much was watched

2. @Tango_HQ (alternative to manually documenting processes) How I Use It: > I get my VA to create workflows of any repeatable process we use (eg. publishing our newsletter) Why I Prefer It: > So easy—you just do the task and Tango creates the process automatically > Free plan

3. @Talkwalker Alerts (Google Alerts alternative) How I Use It: > Track mention of keywords I’m interested in on blogs, Twitter, etc so I can spot trends or common Qs > Monitor my own brand mentions Why I Prefer it: > Free to use > Monitors more sites than Google Alerts

4. @SupersideHQ (alternative to Upwork or in-house designers) How I Use It: > Design last-minute ads and presentations when my regular freelance designer isn’t available Why I Prefer it: > Lightning fast (under 24-hour turnaround) > Super high-quality > No surprise fees

5. @Coda_hq (Notion alternative) How I Use It: > Manage newsletter production & sponsorships > Create templates, guides & internal docs > Plan social posts & write threads (like this one!) Why I Prefer it: > Generous free plan > Super intuitive yet super powerful > A+ support

5. @landingiapp (Leadpages alternative) How I Use It: > Create sales pages, opt-ins & popups Why I Prefer it: > Best editor I’ve used (truly drag-n-drop) > Easy A/B testing > PageInsider makes AI optimization easy (see bio links to see example sales pages → @katebour)

6. @zotabox (alternative to various Wordpress plugins or manual coding) How I Use It: > Create promotional banners, popups & opt-ins on sales pages or website (Like the 25% off sale I’m running today) Why I Prefer it: > Super easy to use > No coding > Low cost ($12/month)

7 lesser known tools I ❤️ 1. @vidyard (free screen recorder Chrome extension) 2. @Tango_HQ 3. @Talkwalker Alerts 4. @SupersideHQ 5. @coda_hq 6. @Landingiapp 7. @Zotabox If you wanna get more done in less time, check ‘em out

✨ Bonus Tools ✨ My Clarity Call Cheatsheets and Review Mining System (alternatives to guessing what works with buyers) How I Use Them: > Understand buyers > Craft better messages > Plan high-converting campaigns (Both are 25% off today - links in bio → @katebour)

If you wanna work smarter in Q4, check out these killer tools! And if you enjoyed this thread: 1. Follow me @KateBour for more like this 2. RT the tweet below for a chance to win my Clarity Call Cheatsheets and Review Mining System for *free* Thank you 🙏

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