✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨

✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨



INHALES I’ve tried to write this like 20 times in depth but can’t find the words so I’m just going to say it. Pierro being like Capitano’s adoptive father. Capitano’s always been easy to get along with and rather obedient so he’s never been an issue for Pierro. At least

until Childe joins the fatui. Childe reeks of abyss and the smell of being unbred and unmated is just as strong for Capitano, a fellow creature of the abyss. The issue is, he and Pierro both become so interested in Childe, they end up fighting over him. Most nights of Childe’s

heats he ends up smushes between both of them, drool dripping from his lips as he’s fucked ruthlessly by them, competing with one another (even though Capitano’s the only one who can really mate and breed him properly).

Anyways, just a little thought that’s been on my brain for a minute 😩 #Pierrochi #Capitaru

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