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M1ng1 was tangled up in the sheets with swollen eyes, his already grown belly was throbbing and his bladder was on the verge of bursting. Carefully he got up and made his way to the bathroom to wash and relieve himself. It was really late and he guessed that Yvnhx had gone to

work because he wasn't at home. He stroked his belly lovingly and sighed heavily. Dating a head of the secret police force was very hard, they could barely see each other and the danger the older man's job posed to their lives was horrible.

Especially when they were expecting a child together. He carefully picked up a blanket and stood in front of the television to do something while the pain subsided, only hoping that the baby wouldn't start kicking at that moment.

With gentle caresses, he tried to soothe himself and continued watching the series that he half-heartedly watched. He had been lonely lately, and the fact that his friends were away from him on holiday didn't help to soothe his boredom.

He sighed lightly and settled down on the couch to sleep and try to get some rest. He curled up lightly to give his dreams free rein. Several hours went by until he noticed someone gently picking him up and setting him down on the bed.

"Yvnhx?" he whispered lightly, receiving a caress on his head. "What time is it?" The younger boy sat next to him playing with his hair. "It's only 10, you can still rest sweetie."

M1ng1 gently pulled him into his body making the other lay down next to him. "I want to be with you, love." He wrapped his legs around Yvnhx's body as best he could and caressed his neck gently. The older one with great care to not to hurt his lover's belly,

moved up to kiss him softly. M1ng1 was still drowsy and the feeling on his lips made him smile stupidly. With little care he tugged on his boyfriend's lip eliciting a moan from him as the kiss ended.

He opened his eyes and saw Yvnhx with a grin as he gently stroked his hair. "How's the baby been behaving?" "Very well, actually, but my tummy hurts," he pouted tenderly.

"Uhm, let's get some breakfast and then I'll give you a massage." M1ng1 blushed and said no at the order of actions. "I prefer the other way around if you don't mind." The older boy shook his head slightly and went in search of the cream the doctor had prescribed.

When he returned to bed he gently bit his lip. M1ng1 lying down, shirtless and with a big belly was the cutest and most attractive image he could witness. The younger was his everything.

He gently positioned himself between his legs, put a light amount of cream on his hands, and rubbed them together to warm the substance a little. M1ng1 watched him chuckling lightly, it was funny to see Yvnhx concentrate on the easiest tasks in

the world as if they were something really important. He hissed as he noticed the hands on his belly that began to caress him, he closed his eyes and let himself do it. For a while there were no words and only whimpers from the younger boy.

Yvn took the opportunity to massage his arms as well to soothe his precious boyfriend. With a kiss on the nose, he let him know he was done. "Thank you very much Yvnhx." M1ng1 said caressing his cheeks as he sat up.

"I'll make it up to you." He gave him a peck on the lips and got up. "What would you like for breakfast?" Yvnhx began to giggle lightly laying down on the bed looking up at him fondly. "You, sweetie." M1ng1 threw a cushion at him and laughed lightly.

"I'm talking about food." He raised his eyebrow. "Whatever you want is fine." He stood up. "Let me help you." The older only shook his head causing him to sit up and then go make breakfast.

After preparing it and eating it together, the two cuddled together on the couch hugging each other lovingly. "M1ng1, I've taken the paternity months because there's really nothing left before the baby is born. So I'll be able to take care of you more, love."

The opposite tucked his head into his neck hollow and doled out kisses. "I love you Yvn, though what worries me most is that one day you won't come back," he whispered sadly.

"It won't happen, I promise." M1ng1 looked into his eyes. And the opposite nodded. "I definitely promise." He stroked his boyfriend's belly and felt kicks on his hand that made him smile.

He would never let anything dampen the happiness of his two favourite people. And if their happiness was him, he would do anything to make sure nothing happened to him.

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