Raw Primal Diet Food Cheat Sheet: Eggs, Overall multivitamin - Great maintenance fat + protein - easiest food to digest - High Cholesterol Red Meat, Can regenerate your cells and rebuild your muscles - Physical Energy

Milk, Calms/Soothes nerves - High mineral content - Mucus Production - Lung cleansing Unsalted Hard Cheese, Acts as vacuum for toxins in the digestive tract for excretion (Pair with unheated honey if you want to digest it for minerals)

Butter/Animal fat, Lubricates the body - Energy - Binds with toxins Cream, Water soluble fat that nourishes the brain Green Juices, Alkalizes over-acidic blood - great hydration - electrolytes

White meat / fish, Great for regenerating brain/connective tissue/joints - Calming/Stress reduction Organs/shellfish, high vitamin content - hormone production - Libido booster

High Meat/Kefir, High vitamin K2 - Powerhouse probiotic, bacteria to feed brain and nervous system Fruit, Good in small amounts - Hydrating - Quick Energy - Vitamin C - Fiber for detox Unheated Honey, Sweetener - Enzyme supplement for protein digestion

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