Sigh 😔 ok ok. So a while back, when I was in Costa Rica, I met these YT girls who basically were traveling the world. They were fucking wild but yea. So this one girl, she’s a Flight Attendant, let’s call her Kate. So Kate was constantly hyping me up about traveling

So one night after the club, we’re on the beach with the surf boys (the fucking stories I could tell about these surf boys) & we’re telling wild stories. Kate goes “well I have the wildest”. Bitch, nothing prepared me for that fucking roller coaster Kate took us on.

So Kate proceeded to tell us that there’s this underworld of sex traveling ( I don’t know this at all) where, if you’re lucky, some rich guy will invite you on an all expense paid trip just to say he can. Sometimes full on sex is involved sometimes not so much.

She said she was on a private flight from Canada to France & one of the dudes took a liking to her & invited her to Dubai right there on the spot. She had to be careful taking his info because she could lose her job for fraternizing. But they exchanged numbers anyway

She said he took her out a couple times in France & it was nice. He was the perfect gentleman, opening doors, paying for experiences etc. She said she kissed him & he was taken aback like he wasn’t expecting that. She thought he would cancel the trip but he didn’t.

Mind you this man is super cute supposedly. So she’s into him too. Anyway D- Day rolls around, she boarding her flight in Canada & he’s boarding in LA so they’re meeting in Dubai. She told her boyfriend she had a small gig over there & he was like no problem.

She said he set her up in an amazing room with a view & they met up later after they both got some rest. They did dinner & he took her back to the hotel & left. She’s wondering Wtf is wrong on with this man… if she only knew.

So the next morning, he texts her & says get ready, dress classy, you have an hour. Cool. She gets ready & a car picks her up. It’s a long ass ride but oh well. When she finally gets there, it’s a beautiful mansion with no neighbors for literal miles.

She walks in & it’s a bunch of older dudes milling about with each other & girls her age. She’s starting to get the idea… it’s a bunny ranch. She still doesn’t see an issue. Her host greets her & introduces her around a bit. Then asks her to go enjoy herself.

She talking with the girls & some are really nice but a few of them are REALLY nervous & she just chalks it up to them being newbies (lol they were not). She said she noticed the men weren’t drinking even though there was alcohol everywhere. Most of them were having coffee…

At some point in the evening, they all sit down to dinner & she said she’d never eaten that good before. After dinner they played games & everyone slowly drifted off to bed. She tried to follow her host but he said no her room was on the other side of the mansion. Weird.

So she passes out & at about 2:30 am there’s a soft knock on the door. One of the attendants has come to get her for the “games”. Games? At 2:30? She puts on some sweats & went.

She said where there had been furniture just hours before, the whole place was empty except for buckets & sex toys. The other girls were standing around too. Some were confused but the nervous girls were SHAKING now…

The men came in & the girls were instructed to strip. Hesitantly they all did. She said she watched in horror as the jovial, fat German man walked over to a bucket, dropped his pants & took a shit standing over it. He pulled his pants up & walked over to one of the girls &

Hand fed her his shit. Like dipped his hand in the bucket & scooped shit into this girl’s mouth. He looked at her expectantly & SHE STARTED CHEWING.

So at this point Kate is fixing to leave & her host let’s her know she is stuck there. There are no cars, no one for miles & they took her phone. He tells her if she wanted to op out she’d have to find her own way out & miss out on the money. Money? What money?

He proceeded to explain the game. As he does she looks around. The men are smiling & the girls, well they’re calculating how much they can take. 50K. Last the weekend & you get 50K EACH.

At this point, the girl chewing starts gagging. The man with the bucket holds it out & she pukes into it. He grins wide. He side steps to the next girl, silently challenging her. Tears in her eyes, she opens her mouth…

I’m just gonna list off some of the things she said she did and/or witnessed: - one girl had the contents of the bucket stuffed up her - Kate ate a solid piece of shit - girls had to slide across the floor on their stomach, licking up shit - there was human centipede actions

All while actual sex & partner swapping was taking place mind you. She said the men would pop laxatives like Molly all weekend so that they had a free flow of shit

The entire weekend, they had to sleep in the filth & she said she thought the only reason they fed them was so that they’d vomit & increase the nastiness. All while the men when back to their rooms to shower & sleep & whatever else.

Several girls opted out & were allowed to clean up & leave. They got nothing.

She said on the final night, they were allowed to be sprayed down with the rest of the filth & retired to their “rooms”. The next morning they were summoned to breakfast & the men ate & drank & joked like nothing happened all weekend. Each girl collected their cash

She said while she was getting into her care, this sick man, her host had the audacity to say “hope to see you at the next one?”

She said when she got back to Canada, she took a work sabbatical & underwent intense therapy because the sight of anything brown & creamy triggered her.

She didn’t tell her boyfriend about it until a year later & he promised not to tell anyone what she did but that he couldn’t be with her. He said he was keeping the car though, it was the least she could do after putting him through that. She said it was fair & let him keep it.

Clearly she didn’t learn her lesson because I met her while she was doing a sex travel. She did say though that she refuses to meet the men anywhere other than the hotel bar & restaurant & always has back up when they go to the rooms.

When she was done, the air was still. The silence was deafening. We were all in ducking shock because why would you ever tell that story? I never spoke to her again.

I want y’all to understand, Kate comes from a good home, had a job that lets her travel FREE, made good money at said job & STILL did all that for some fucking Instagram pictures. Some people are beyond saving bredda.

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