Bear!Omi/Witch!Atsu Atsumu rubbed his eyes with both fists, yawning as he stumbled into the kitchen sleepily. He could hear breakfast cooking, smell the heavenly scent of fresh baked bread being broken open. “Wake up, little mouse,” Sakusa lifted Atsumu up to sit at the too

tall table, made for skin changers like Sakusa. Atsumu’s feet dangled, bare legs giving Sakusa pause. A large hand petted his soft skin, dragging his night shirt up to thumb at his hip. “Mornin’, Omi,” Atsumu mumbled, eyes still bleary as food was sat in front of him.

“You look so beautiful,” Sakusa kissed the necklace of bruises and bites on Atsumu’s skin before sitting in the seat across from him. “Because yer a possessive bear,” Atsumu laughed, slathering his bread with fresh apricot jam he had made. “That may be true,” Sakusa’s voice

was still grisly with sleep. He was only in his sleep pants, shirt nowhere to be seen. Atsumu swallowed gulps of his juice as his eyes roved over his mate’s hairy and scarred chest. “Your eyes are telling me a story,” dark eyes grew darker. Atsumu wriggled in his seat, thighs

rubbing together as he tried to look innocent. “Oh?” “You look like you would rather be the one spread out on the table before me,” Sakusa pushed away from the table, legs spreading. Atsumu screamed in delight as Sakusa crossed the table, picking him up bridal style.

“My little mouse, I am going to devour you.” Moans floated out the windows the rest of the morning. Adding to the symphony of bird calls, and the rustling of leaves.

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