Daniel Vassallo

Daniel Vassallo



A few heretical marketing tips I benefitted from:

1. Competition If you make yourself part of the product, you create an uncontested market, thereby making competition irrelevant. Amazon lists 2000+ books on AWS, but none are about my perspective. Think about how to incorporate yourself into your products.

2. Promotion When you're part of the product, promoting yourself will also promote your products. And you can promote yourself by teaching what you already know. Make others interested in learning from you, and you'd be promoting your products before you even make them!

3. Compounding Success brings with it more success. Every sale can help you make more sales if you figure out how to make small wins compound. Go behind the scenes, and share how your products are doing. Even seemingly boring things can be fascinating when presented right.

4. Pricing Do you want your customers to feel like you squeezed all the money out of them to the last drop? Or you'd rather leave some money on the table? I prefer the second one, and I set my prices by erring on that side.

5. Ambition The downsides of doing something very ambitious are harsh: It may be so daunting that you never start; you may start but never finish; or you may finish but the results never make up for the effort spent. So, curb your ambitions and start with very small products!

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