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Dr. Walid PhD πŸ‡§πŸ‡³β˜ͺ️



"Abortion" in Islam is very different from what people generally mean when they talk about abortion, the thing in Islam shouldn't even be called "abortion" as it can be misleading. Let me give a simplified summary of Islam's legal reasoning, vs the feminist liberal reasoning.

In Sharia, there is the legal principle of "lesser of two evils". In other words, when forced to choose between 2 evils, we choose the one that is the least evil. In other words, abortion itself is already accepted as evil.

So IF a pregnancy must result in 2 possible options: a) the baby is born but the mother dies b) the baby dies but the mother lives Then we look at what is the lesser evil and choose that.

The mother already has a life, and responsibilities, to her already born kids, therefore if she dies, the life of her already born kids are threatened, and they can possibly die as well. So we lose multiple lives here. If the baby is "aborted" only one life is lost.

"one life lost" is a lesser evil than "multiple lives lost". Therefore, we choose option b) Of course, if it could be proved in a scenario that a) is the lesser evil then abortion would be forbidden regardless of the "mother's life".

I can think up of many scenarios as an example: Let's say we are able to predict with a computer/AI that this baby will grow up to cure cancer, and this is reasonable to believe. Therefore, his birth will save countless, many more lives than if he were not born.

These are just legal scenarios, today in reality medical technology is advanced enough today that the mothers' life will never be in danger. So as far as we are concerned *abortion is prohibited entirely*, and these exceptional legal scenarios will most possibly never come up.

VS. in feminism, abortion is promoted because of the idea of "sexual liberation". That people should be allowed to easily enjoy sexual pleasure however they please, and any obstacles to this should be removed, aka the responsibility of taking care of a baby. /thread

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