Mental Models You Should Follow For Better Life. - Thread -

1. Inversion. - Think backward from the goal you want. Analyze what you are doing now, will it take you to your goal? - It helps you to be more honest and helps you to take steps to accomplish your goals.

2. Work To Learn, Not For Money. - Focus on building profitable skills, it helps you earn money and help your freedom. - Compounding is the key to success. What ever you invest - money or skills earns you interest.

3. Pareto Principle. - Prioritize your tasks. Figure out which tasks takes 20% of your efforts and gives 80% of desired outcome.

4. Think Ahead. - Keep asking yourself, "what next? ". Don't get confined to the current moment. - Keep looking ahead - one year from now, five years from now.

5. Reinventing Yourself Is Never Impossible. - Your past doesn't dictate your future, your present actions dictate your future. - Focus on self improvement, put your thoughts into action.

6. Map Is Not Territory. - Planning is only planning. Until you put things into action, planning is just building castles in the air. "Remember!! Act on your plan! "

7. Motives. - Try to understand others motive and expectations. - If you know the motives of the people around you, you will be able to guess the outcome of the situation.

8. Harness The Power Of Regret. - You'll never regret trying and failing. You will always regret if you don't try. - Rejection, embarrassment, would fade eventually. But your regrets will remain till your death.

9. Finite Vs Infinite Game. - You are part of the game, always. See the big picture, look what your work means. - Figure out your infinite game and it's rules.

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