#sakuatsu - wrong twin / right confession - no angst don't worry Osamu is confessing to Kiyoomi. Well, this is awkward because Kiyoomi is really not reciprocating his feelings. What makes it more awkward is that he's down bad for his twin. +

Kiyoomi went to Onigiri Miya to get some food before going home and met Osamu at the counter, overseeing the shop. Kiyoomi, very tired from meeting with sponsors earlier, plopped down on a chair at the counter and ordered something to eat. +

He barely gave a glance to Osamu, not in the mood to make conversation. He thought that if he just stayed on his phone while is food was being prepared, Osamu would take the hint and leave him alone. Unfortunately, it wasn't what happened. +

The usually more reserved twin wouldn't stop trying to make conversation. "Sorry if I'm running my mouth by the way, you seem very tired." "It's fine. Just had a meeting with sponsors." "Yeah, I see that. You look pretty hot in this suit." What?!

If this was coming from Atsumu, Kiyoomi wouldn't pay it any mind (lie, he would be over the moon) because he was used to Atsumu's brand of flirting but Osamu? Never. "Err, thank you? Why would you say that though?" "Well, you look hot. I'm calling it as I see. -

- Not that you don't look hot everyday." "I don't know what to say. I didn't know you looked at me." Kiyoomi's brain is going into emergency mode. What do you reply to someone saying he's attracted to you when you don't reciprocate? Especially when you're in love with his twin!

"Come on now. Everyone knows that I like you Omi." "What??!! How would I know?!" God please no. Everything but that. That would ruin every chance (already very low) he had with Atsumu. If his brother liked him, no way was Atsumu ever consider him. He'd never betray Osamu. +

"What do you mean you didn't know? I made it very obvious. I flirt with you like alllll the time. I was giving you time to make up your mind." "What? How? Why? I've never seen you do that?!" Kiyoomi wants to cry. Hopes crushed in an instant. Fuck you Osamu!

That's not something you can say to someone who is declaring his feelings though. So Kiyoomi resolve himself to gently let down Osamu before going home and pretend to be sick for the next five days. "Really now? That's a whole new level of obliviousness! And-

Oh my god!! Does it mean you thought you were on some sort of one-sided pining all this time? That's hilarious but so cute at the same time! What will I do with you? Well now I understand why you never properly asked me out. Really, you made it so complicated for nothing!" +

Yeah. Fuck letting him down gently. He had no feelings for Osamu whatsoever. What could have led him to think that way? "I'll stop you right there. I am in no way attracted to you like you seem to believe. -

- I'm very sorry if I've made it look this way but I really only see you as a friend." Friend would be kind of a stretch too considering how little he knew Osamu. What Kiyoomi says seem to confuse Osamu, who has his brow crunched. +

"What are you saying? There's no way I've read this wrong. You've always responded positively to my flirting. Have I told you how cute you are when you blush? And don't think I don't notice you stare at me when you think I'm not looking!! You can drop the act now.

Is it because I haven't said it properly? Cause if it's because of that: I really like you Omi. You don't have to be scared that it's not mutual! Really how could you not notice?" What the hell?! Kiyoomi just rejected him! How could he be so entitled? This is making him mad. +

How dare he? Kiyoomi snaps and stand up straight. "I don't fucking like you. Stop saying that I do. We're barely friends. I'm in love with you're brother for fuck sake!" Osamu smiles drop. His mouth falls open and his eyes become watery. He looks so sad Kiyoomi feels guilty. +

Not too much since Osamu is the reason Atsumu will never like him back but still, did he really like him that much? Atsumu is never going to forgive him for hurting his twin like that. Tears start to run down Osamu's cheeks. "You're in love with Osamu?" Wait. Stop. What? +

"What are you saying? I just told you I'm in love with Atsumu." "But you just said that you like my brother." Both of them are lost. "Yes. I like your twin brother. Atsumu. My teammate and best friend." At that Osamu's eyes widen and start to mumble.'could it be? no way' +

"Omi." He starts slowly, "who do you think I am?" What? Nothing makes sense in this situation. "Miya Osamu?" Osamu starts to laugh so much he coughs. He whizzes, "Oh my god, Omi, how stupid can you be? You nearly scared me for a minute! I thought you didn't like me!" +

"But I don't? What's going on?" Osamu keeps laughing for a few seconds before calming down. He brings his hand to his head and take off his cap, revealing bleach blond hair. "Surprise Omi!" Oh. /Oh./ +

"Atsumu ?" "Just for you Omi! How could you confuse me with my scrub of a brother?" Yes, that's a good question, how could he mess up so bad? He nearly rejected Atsumu! Wait. If it is Atsumu then... Atsumu likes him back!!!??? +

When seeing Kiyoomi's eyes widen, Atsumu's eyes soften. "Now that you know who's talking to you, let me say it again. I'm in love with you Sakusa Kiyoomi." Tears starts to roll down Kiyoomi's cheeks. "I-I- I thought all my chances were ruined by Osamu liking me!" +

"Clearly they're not." Chuckles Atsumu. Kiyoomi's smile is bright in between his tears. "I like you too Atsumu." Atsumu smiles wildly. "That's good. I knew that before though. But still, I wouldn't mind if you said it everyday." "Asshole. I was so scared! God I like you."

/end/ Extra: "So you really knew that I liked you all this time?" "Well you weren't sleek Omi." "And you didn't say anything?!" "It was cute seeing you try to be discreet like that. And I didn't want to rush you." "Clearly you should have."

"I still can't believe you thought Osamu liked you!" "Shut up! Never talk about that again." "I'll never shut up about it Omi!" "I hate you." "Love you too!" "Yeah, yeah, love you or whatever." "You're so cute when you blush!!"

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