kiyoomi asks miya atsumu to be his first kiss during his second year at all japan, the two standing in a quiet and hidden spot of the hallway just around the corner from the dorms. when atsumu blurts out, "huh, why?", kiyoomi is thinking the same thing.

it can't be hygiene; for peace of mind, kiyoomi has to wait and grab atsumu right outside the baths to make sure he's as clean as possible. it also can't be subtlety; atsumu will announce when he so much as wakes up, loud and proud. kiyoomi wants atsumu and he doesn't know why.

"i want you to kiss me," kiyoomi repeats confidently despite his confusion. he lifts his chin as atsumu's gaping. "you can say no." "w-w-wait a minute, i'm not sayin' that," atsumu stammers. he pushes his damp hair back and tilts his head. "serously? whattabout ushijima-kun?"

"wakatoshi-kun is not here and he is my friend," kiyoomi explains with a nod. "you are not." atsumu scowls. "why not?!" he snaps. huffing, his arms fold over his chest and he looks away, frowning as though in deep rumination. as he waits, kiyoomi tells his heart to relax.

"sure," atsumu says finally and kiyoomi manages an even, unwavering expression behind his mask. atsumu clears his throat. he looks at kiyoomi for a moment before turning away, cheeks already pink. "w-when were ya thinkin'? i-i need a minute to, like, prepare and stuff, so..."

"now," kiyoomi says, "before you put on something wrinkled, spritz your headache-inducing cologne, and slather your hair with gel." atsumu's glaring but when kiyoomi steps forward, he squeaks. kiyoomi nods despite his thudding heart. he pulls his mask down. "go ahead."

kiyoomi's first kiss is with atsumu. at first, it's just a simple press. it's warm. it's gentle. it isn't anything spectacular; they're just standing beneath the air vent in a hallway with their mouths together and kiyoomi is thoroughly unimpressed. and then atsumu's lips move.

it's slow and deliberate, a series of questions that kiyoomi silently and surely affirms. atsumu's hand is warm on his jaw, relaxing kiyoomi as his fingers tangle in black curls. atsumu's lips keep interlocking with his, each time stealing away a bit more of kiyoomi's breath.

it isn't until atsumu's sigh on his lips that kiyoomi realize they've broken apart. his eyes open and though he sees atsumu talking, it's drowned out by the ringing in kiyoomi's ears. "um... omi-kun?" this time kiyoomi kisses atsumu, surges forward and presses him to the wall.

kiyoomi doesn't know what he's doing but he knows he wants this, tries to emulate what atsumu did and whether or not it's right, atsumu's hands on his hips encourage him. they kiss through numbed lips and strained lungs, but a door jolts them apart, breathless and blushing.

kiyoomi brings the back of his hand to his lips, tries to catch his breath and gives up mellowing a heart that's never quite been normal around atsumu. "omi-kun?" he hears as a whisper and looks up to see atsumu peering at him, blushing and bumbling. "w-was that, uh, o-okay?"

kiyoomi's lips purse. "we can't be friends." kiyoomi takes atsumu's hand before his brow furrows too much, atsumu's surprised gasp spring boarding his heart to new heights. kiyoomi laces their fingers and swallows. "because this... isn't something i'd want to do with a friend."

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