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cw// incest, miyacest, NSFW osamu and atsumu have always shared everything together, even though sometimes they fight about it. but none theess they still share. that includes a bed. their parents thought that they would grow out of it, and they did for a little while, that was +

until they confessed their feelings for each other. so now they share the bottom bunk. one night after practice when they have already washed up, osamu wanted atsumu, they both have been busy with school and volleyball that osamu can't remember the last time he railed atsumu +

atsumu oblivious to it all, doesn't seem to notice that osamu is hovering over him hair drilpjng, because he just got out of the shower. put atsumus phone to the side and makes atsumu look up at him. "what's wrong 'samu?" osamu just stares into his twins eyes, it's like +

looking into a mirror, it's like looking into a sunset in a forest with atsumus hazel eyes. it's like heaven. "nothin' just think yer pretty" atsumu blushes at the compliment, and before he knew it, lips crashed onto his and his and ksamus tounge was deep inside atsumus +

mouth. moaning, atsumu kisses back, almost instantly. arms wrapping around ksamus neck, osamu moves closer so atsumu is laying down. legs wrap around osamus waist and atsumu sits on top of osamu while looking down on him just a little. osamu gropes atsumu and soon slides +

his hand to the rim of atsumus sweatpants to pulls them down. he doesn't take them off completely but starts entering atsumu, and soon begins to thrust. small moans come from atsumu which is ksamus favorite sound. "sa-samu..wa-wait" atsumu couldn't take it "can't wait tsumu"

osamu needed him, like he needed him more then anything else. leaving small love bites on atsumus neck, osamu starts going faster. like he's just getting ready for a game, his adrenaline is kicking in. atsumu can't hold in his moans, he wants to scream, eyes are crossed +

and his mouth is open, scratching his brother back like some type of cat. atsumu tightens up. making it more fun for osamu to rip him apart. {end}

i was just making it up as i go, i hope you like it ♥︎

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