Agenda Buster (ST⭐R Boy)

Agenda Buster (ST⭐R Boy)



US Mid term elections (Explained) Republic got majority in House of Representative and Democrats got majority in Senate. Like in India we have President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha US has 3 law making bodies: 1. President 2. Senate 3. House of Representative 1/9

Unlike in India, US doesn't have Prime Minister post and President is most powerful and top most authority and directly elected by public. US doesnt have hardcore party system like India. There r lot of Parties but mostly 2 parties rules the USA and they are:

1. Democrates : Left Liberal - Joe Biden 2. Republic : Centrist, conservative, rightist - Trump Till now Democrats had majority in all three institutions : President, Senate and House but on 8th Nov, mid term elections were conducted for Senate n HoR

Democartes kept their control on Senate. Senate have 100 seats US have 50 states so 2 senate from each state. Senate has several powers of advice and consent, These include approval of treaties, confirmation of Cabinet secretaries, federal judges

(including Federal Supreme Court justices), flag officers, regulatory officials, ambassadors, other federal executive officials and federal uniformed officers. Till now results declared to 99/100 seats Democrats : 50 Republicans : 49 If both get 50-50 then final decision

in voting is taken by head of senate that is Vice President of USA Current VP of USA is Kamla Herish who is from Democrats Now lets talk about HoR HoR have 435 seats, 1 seat from every district of USA.

House have power to passage of federal legislation, known as bills. The House also has exclusive powers: it initiates all revenue bills, impeaches federal officers, and elects the president if no candidate receives a majority of votes in the Electoral College

Head of HoR is called Speaker of House n current speaker is Nancy Palomi who is democrat but she will be changed soon coz Republicans have got majority there now Out of 429/435 results declared till now Republic 418 Democrat : 411

These election will dilute few powers of Joe Biden since they lost House but not much since they controlled Senate. Normally ruling party most of time lose in both house but Biden saved one house End of Thread 9/9

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