Preyoti⁷🐳땡^Yoongis Bae^

Preyoti⁷🐳땡^Yoongis Bae^



Bts being savage a needed thread-

When they were making fun of the anties on their vlive..😭

When joon was asked that if they would produce a whole album in English or not? Then joon saying "that's the question??" Multiple times...

When they were accused for lip syncing in their first perform on ama in 2017 .. So yoongi did this to prove ---

When seokjin threated him by saying Armys power... Help... 😭😭😭

When Seokjin was Flexing our "Paper Award " in airport... ICONIC

The way joon knows the fact that manties tell us bots and him saying that.."army the actual people not the ais"

When Namjoon asked Ellen if she would ask the hook up question again. like yeah they were so done with her date question .. 🙂

When went straight to the point without any delay.james didn't see that coming..😭"

Yoongi saying "Write as much hate comments you can.. I don't read them.. "

When Yoongi slapped them with THIS...

Okk.. But when Namjoon did this.. 🕴

Debut Yoongi wasn't lying.. Straight going to the facts..

When the man said to bts that they will lose all their America fans.. Jhope told that time to thank him for worrying about them..

When joon said "when there is light there is shadow too..sometimes my ears feel itchy.. Cz somebody is hating rn on internet on Twitter.. But you know we have our fans.. They purple us.. And we can get anything over"

The way he indirectly called the haters as cockroaches.. 😭😭

End of the thread. Hope you all will like it. Also follow me army if u want to. I make threads and edits. "♡My Threads♡"

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