"i don't understand why atsumu is like this," kiyoomi says, filling up his soda cup with water while motoya sips soda from his water cup. he hums. "well, you knew he was like this when you started dating. this is on you, kiyoomi." kiyoomi glares. "no, i mean with iizuna-san."

kiyoomi and motoya meet up with iizuna whenever their paths coincide. at the time of making the plans, kiyoomi didn't think much of also inviting atsumu, assuming it normal to introduce his boyfriend to an old acquaintance. as it turns out, kiyoomi thought wrong.

kiyoomi dealt with atsumu's questions all throughout the night: what iizuna was like, what he thought of atsumu's serves, and how much kiyoomi really liked him. irritated, kiyoomi had snapped, "considering we're still friends after breaking up, i enjoy iizuna-san's company."

kiyoomi didn't think much of atsumu's silence last night but now has a feeling it has to do with why atsumu's been flexing his arms ever since iizuna showed up. "i was captain in my third year too, iizuna-san," atsumu boasts as kiyoomi and motoya return. "a really good one!"

"he was fine," kiyoomi sighs and ignores atsumu's glare. "he's actually a fan of yours, iizuna-san." atsumu flushes as iizuna laughs a little awkwardly, reassuring atsumu he knows of him and admires his skill, especially his serves. atsumu quickly gathers himself and smirks.

atsumu spends the rest of the meal bragging about his accomplishments, to iizuna's confusion, motoya's amusement, and kiyoomi's exasperation. when they finish eating, they part ways and as soon as they're far enough, kiyoomi stops and glares at atsumu. "what's wrong with you?"

atsumu stomps, looking far more like a two and a half year old than a twenty five year old. "whaddya mean?!" he snaps. "yer not proud of yer boyfriend, omi-kun, is that it?! ya didn't even hype me up!" "outeating osamu is not something to brag about." "it is if ya know samu!!!"

glaring him for a moment longer, kiyoomi feels a tinge of guilt when atsumu deflates. his shoulders sag and he folds in on himself, grumbling, "sorry," and kicking a pebble. "i get nervous meetin' exes. wanna make sure ya don't..." he trails off and shrugs. "i dunno."

kiyoomi frowns. after a moment of deliberation, he pulls atsumu down the alley, stopping only when the vending machines shield them. "atsumu," kiyoomi says flatly. "we have been dating for more than three years. i broke up with iizuna-san after six months eight years ago."

atsumu looks up and, for a moment, brightens. but then the sparkle in his eyes fades and he collapses again, wrinkling his nose and kiyoomi's heart squeezes. "fine, i embarrassed ya," he snaps weakly and kiyoomi feels something punching his chest. "i get it. sorry, all right?"

pressing his lips into a thin line, kiyoomi swallows thickly and steps forward. he's a little stiff when leaning in but the kiss to atsumu's cheek is sweet and kiyoomi's hand finds atsumu's, cupping it gently. "you never embarrass me," he murmurs. "that's not what i meant."

atsumu's still looking down. chest remaining tight, kiyoomi moves closer until his other arm can pull atsumu close, the horrifying fear of being seen easily overpowered by feeling atsumu against him. he swallows. "what i mean to say is... you don't have to worry, atsumu. ever."

kiyoomi bites his lip until he feels atsumu's full weight come against him, buries his face in his hair and clutches him tightly. "i got nothin' to worry about, huh?" atsumu teases and kiyoomi's already regretting this. "ya love me that much, huh, omi-omi? ya love me, do ya?"

he does, kiyoomi thinks while kissing atsumu's temple; he absolutely does because no matter the boasting and no matter the preening, he's always going to be proud to be with atsumu, even when it's embarrassing. he smiles faintly and atsumu beams. "...yeah," he answers. "i do."

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