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Hot take: Living your dream life isn’t anywhere near as hard as everyone makes it out to be. In actual fact, it’s really simple. Here’s how you start living your dream life in the next 3 - 6 months 👇🏽

Topics covered: - How to get your dream life as fast as possible. - How society & gurus have been lying to you. - Why a 5, 10, or 20 year plan is bullshit. - What life ACTUALLY is

So here’s the thing, when you look at life & your goals, it seems so overwhelming and huge. Most of us have been alive for less than 30 years, some less than 20. Realistically speaking we’ll most likely on average live to around the age of 80.

Which means we’re all less than 1/3 or 1/4 of the way through life. So then you look at life and ask yourself, what do I want to achieve in this monumental length of time?

And the thing is, that’s a scary question. Because the thing is, we can have ANYTHING we want from life. But, we can’t have everything.

(Big difference. You need to pick exactly what you want and go for it) There’s a problem though. Coming up with a 5, 10, 20 year plan is BS. You only ever hear about people who’s plan has worked out about this.

You never hear about the 1000s of people who make a 10 year plan, then radically change direction in a years time. Heck, I don’t even know what I’ll be doing in 2-3 years, let alone 10. Life moves too quick for that BS. There’s a second problem with this.

These are destination based outlooks, and they suck. It puts you in the mindset of someone sprinting in a race… What happens after the race? Everyone stops running.

You see this a lot with people in business / health, etc. People get motivated, get their shit together, sprint for a couple years, hit their goals, and then completely stop because they’ve “arrived”. SO if all of the things you’ve been told are false, what SHOULD you do?

Well first, lets tackle something you’ve never thought of before: What is life? Seriously. Have you ever thought about what your life is? I have, and I’ll let you in on my philosophy. Life is a continual stream of “Today”’s. That’s all it is.

Tomorrow never comes. It’s always just “Today”. Every single day you’ve been alive has been just that. A day. And the rest of your life is going to be just that as well… It’s all just a bunch of “Todays” that haven’t happened…

Hate to break it to you, but if you haven’t realised yet, time doesn’t really exist. It’ll never not be now. SO what’s the point of all this?

Well, if your life = a constant stream of todays, and goals are bullshit because there is never actually a destination, what can we can we take from that? The goal is the DIRECTION, and to arrive you need to act is if you’re already there.

Because life = today, you need to start living your dream life today, and then just wait for life to catch up.

Think about your big “goal” or your “destination”. What do you look like? What do you do? What do you have? Think about it all.

Now hold that image in your mind, and ask yourself, what does an average day in future you’s life look like?

(I highly recommend spending A LOT of time on this. Personally I spent an entire Sunday with no phone, looking at a beautiful view, writing a 5 page essay in excruciating exactly what my dream, average day looks like)

And I say average because it’s not sustainable to live a life of partying every day / doing insane travels / etc. So think of what the best average day would look like. Then, it’s as simple as acting out that day as best as you can.

What you’ll realise is that most of the things you will write down are things you can do right now, it just might not be as comfortable and easy.

Example: If future you is shredded, he’d probably eat a high protein, low calorie diet, because that’s what a shredded person would do.

If future you is a millionaire, he’d probably spend the day focusing on high impact tasks that are going to most impact the business, because that’s what a millionaire would do.

Also pay attention to what future you isn’t doing… My guess is they aren’t watching YouTube all day, scrolling through IG, playing video games, etc. And I don’t blame them, because their life is fucking epic. Isn’t it?

It should be… This is your dream life after all.

All life is, is a constant stream of todays The best version of you is doing ‘X’ every day. You’re currently doing ‘Y’, hoping you’ll end up living your dream life… “One day” of course.

Well what if we flipped the switch. What if we just focused on making Today the same as future you’s average day. And tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day.

It’s pretty safe to assume that if you did the same things future you does, you’d get pretty similar results right? Soon enough, you’ll be living your dream life. And way sooner than focusing on a goal will ever get you there. Plus the best part?

YOU ACTUALLY START ENJOYING YOUR LIFE NOW. None of this waiting for later BS. So, how are you going to win today? And all of the consecutive todays that are to come for the rest of your life?

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