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#miyacestober2022 day 25: ‘i love you’ ‘i hate you’ cw / underage, age difference, atsuosa, implied established relationship, a little dubcon When Atsumu had signed with the MSBY Black Jackals, the hardest part of the ordeal was leaving his little brother behind.

It was supposed to be a good thing, a milestone. Something to celebrate. And they did, and Osamu had cheered him on harder than anyone else. But then Atsumu started packing. Osamu sat and watched his brother pack all his things, and realized that moving on meant moving away.

Osamu was always his biggest cheerleader; coming to every game, cheering louder than anyone else in the building, always giving Atsumu his own special prizes, win or lose. Osamu has to know that moving to Osaka doesn’t mean he’s leaving Osamu, but he doesn’t act like it.

Atsumu’s been with his new team a few months, and in his new apartment a month longer. In all that time, it isn’t that Osamu hasn’t visited but that he refused to—even when Atsumu offers to pay for the trip and meet him at the station. Osamu’s old enough to just go if he wanted.

Except he insists he doesn’t want to. That’s the part that stings the most. He doesn’t bother with excuses, or telling Atsumu he has homework or he’s busy with practice now that he’s on his high school’s volleyball team. He won’t visit because he doesn’t want to.

He can’t escape Atsumu forever though. He has a long weekend coming up, one he intends to spend back in Hyogo. Ideally with Osamu, but he supposes he can’t make Osamu hang out with him if he really doesn’t want to see him. That doesn’t mean he won’t try.

Osamu doesn’t greet him when he arrives, though Atsumu’s sure his brother knew when he’d get there. Their Ma tells him Osamu’s been hiding away in the room they used to share, so clearly he isn’t fully avoiding him. “He misses you, he just doesn’t want you to know.”

Atsumu smiles at her words, even though he doesn’t need them. He knows his brother like the back of his hand, knows him inside and out. He knows Osamu misses him just as badly as he misses Osamu. He’s just too stubborn to admit it.

When Atsumu knocks on the door, he doesn’t get a response. He walks in anyway, finding the room dark and seemingly empty. Except Atsumu’s taller now—taller than his brother, and tall enough to peer into the top bunk that used to belong to him, to find Osamu against the wall.

He rests his arms against the top rail of the bed. “Hey ‘Samu.” Even in the darkness of the room he can make out his brother’s scowl. That doesn’t give time to react before a pillow is flung in his face. “Ow.”

Osamu slinks out of the bed and down to the bottom bunk with a huff when Atsumu turns the light on. It hasn’t been that long since he last saw his brother, but Atsumu swears Osamu’s grown at least a couple centimeters in the months since.

“Didja miss me?” “No.” Osamu looks away from him with his arms crossed, stubborn as always. Atsumu pouts, flopping onto the bottom bunk hard enough for Osamu to jostle. “Not even a little?” “I wish you were still gone.” “So mean!”

Atsumu rolls onto his side so he can see Osamu better. He’s plucking at the fabric of his sweats, brow furrowed, and Atsumu has to resist the urge to reach out and smooth his forehead. “C’mon ‘Samu, don’t be so mad… I promised I wasn’t leaving for good, and I came right back.”

He watches Osamu’s face pinch, lips pursing and jaw tensing like he does when he doesn’t want his lip to wobble. The tell is more obvious than the real deal, but Atsumu never says anything about it. He doesn’t say anything now, either, but Osamu stays silent as well.

Atsumu sighs. “Look, you gotta talk to me at least a little bit. Doesn’t have to be right now, I guess, but ya should. I love ya lots ‘Samu I—” “I don’t.” Osamu huffs, turning away from Atsumu entirely. “I hate you.”

It stings, and Atsumu knows Osamu’s saying it to hurt him, but it still works. It’s also frustrating, and Atsumu is very quickly reminded that his brother is a kid, and that he probably thinks this childish pettiness is warranted.

Atsumu would do anything to make it up to him, but Osamu won’t even give him the chance. He’s lucky Atsumu knows him so well, and he knows the best ways to cheer his little brother up.

“You don’t hate me.” Atsumu shifts up onto his knees, crowding Osamu’s space, even as his brother shifts further away from him. “I do.” “Nah. But even if ya did, ‘s not like all of you hates me.” Atsumu grins, watching Osamu’s shoulders tense. “The fuck does that mean.”

“You may be mad at me now,” Atsumu drapes himself against Osamu’s back, chin resting on his shoulder. His arms wrap around Osamu, preemptively stopping any squirming, one hand sliding up underneath his brother’s shirt. “But your body still likes me, eh?” Osamu sputters adorably.

Atsumu can feel the warmth in his brother’s face against his own, but he ignores it for the time being, fingers finding one of Osamu’s nipples to circle teasingly. His other hand slides lower, arms tightening to hold Osamu still while he palms his still soft cock.

Osamu keeps squirming, hips unintentionally pushing him further into Atsumu’s hand. “Let go of me you… perv.” Atsumu chuckles hotly, pinching Osamu’s nipple to drink in the way his brother gasps. “You’ve never minded me being a perv before.”

He leaves sloppy kisses up and down Osamu’s neck to hide his smile. He can feel Osamu twitching in his hand, and even though he’s squirming against Atsumu’s front he isn’t making any real attempt to escape.

Atsumu squeezes him through his boxers when he starts to chub, humming against his skin. “See, this little guy still loves me.” Osamu stutters, embarrassed by his body’s natural response. “Don’t—Don’t say that you’re so gross—“ Atsumu kisses his cheek, pulling Osamu’s half-hard

cock from his pants. “Tell me you love me” Osamu shakes his head, hair brushing against Atsumu’s temple. “No, get off—“ “You want me to get you off?” Atsumu can feel how Osamu’s chest rises and falls in his exasperation against his hand.

He thumbs at Osamu’s nipples while he strokes his cock, listening as he tries to swallow down his noises. He nips at Osamu’s throat, and it startles a gasp out of him, a moan following quickly behind. Atsumu doesn’t let up, pulling out all the little tricks he knows Osamu likes.

They’ve been doing this for years—he probably knows how to get Osamu off better than his brother does. Atsumu is probably the reason he likes half the things he does at this point. That’s how Atsumu gets him to the edge so quickly—quick enough to tease him for it any other time.

He teases Osamu’s chest and the head of his cock, smearing precum down Osamu’s shaft. He grinds against Osamu’s back, getting hard himself, and Osamu whimpers in response, hips stuttering as he tries to rock between Atsumu’s hand and the outline of his cock.

“Don’t ya miss this?” Atsumu murmurs, biting gently at Osamu’s ear. “What am I supposed to do without ya at games? Fuck the team cheerleaders when we win? Doesn’t seem fair when my personal one is so far away.”

Osamu sucks in a breath but clamps his mouth shut. It doesn’t hide the way his cock throbs in Atsumu’s hand or the way his eyes twitch like he’s holding back some jealous comeback.

He sobs when Atsumu stops moving entirely, the hand under his shirt slipping out to curl around Osamu’s arm and chest to hug him against Atsumu’s. “You can come if you tell me you love me.” Osamu groans, trying to buck his hips, but Atsumu lets go of his cock as well.

“‘Tsumu, please, lemme get off, please ‘m so close—” “Y’know I love to hear ya beg,” Atsumu murmurs, watching Osamu’s cock bob pathetically. “But that’s not what I asked to hear.” Osamu tips his head back, watery eyes meeting Atsumu’s.

“I-I didn’t mean it, I love you.” Atsumu hums, wrapping a hand around Osamu’s cock so lightly it barely counts as stimulation. Still, Osamu’s hips jump, the slick, red tip of his cock poking out of Atsumu’s fist. “Who do you love?”

“Love my nii-san!” Osamu moans when Atsumu tightens his grip, stroking him slowly. “J-just missed ya, I didn’t mean it, please let me come, ‘Tsumu-nii.” “‘Course,” Atsumu breathes against Osamu’s jaw, lips ghosting over his brother’s. “Anything for my baby brother.”

Atsumu kisses him when Osamu comes. He loves to hear Osamu whimper his name when he comes, but they aren’t alone in the house. They’ll have time for that at his own apartment, where he can take Osamu apart piece by piece and hear him scream in privacy.

Atsumu cleans him up while Osamu catches his breath, pressing a much more tender kiss to his little brother’s forehead on the way. Osamu looks guilty, staring down at his hands as he waits for Atsumu to return. “I am sorry… I didn’t mean it.”

Atsumu smiles, taking his brother in his arms to flop them both down onto the bed. “I know. Don’t worry.” Osamu squirms, turning until he’s facing Atsumu’s chest. “I missed you. I wanna visit.” “Anytime. You can meet the team and everything.” “I’d like that.”

They lie there long enough that Osamu falls asleep, long enough that their ma comes in to check on them. She giggles when she sees them, and Atsumu lets her take a photo to commemorate it. He’ll ask her to send it to him later, to use the next time Osamu says he hates him fin

imagine this is the below threads spiritual successor bc this is more like how that thread was supposed to go lmao… anyway.

this also hits a couple other prompts for miyacestober but i only now had the time to write another thread so ❤️ it works it’s fine dw abt it

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