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The human mind is a good servant but a terrible master. Unfortunately most people have lost control and allow their minds to run wild . You have an average of 6,000 thoughts a day, 99% of which are just recycled garbage. There are two types of thinking;

1 - Compulsive thinking This is a state of mental restlessness plagued by intrusive thoughts. It wears out the brain, depletes your energy, and smothers your creativity. Just because you have hands doesn’t mean you have to clap all the time.

Also just because you have a mind, doesn’t mean you must think all the time. If you leave your mind unleashed - it will keep dragging you through regrets, worries, anxieties, depression, insecurities, loneliness, confusion, and endless desires.

2. Conscious thinking This is the ability to choose the thoughts you want and spontaneously filter out the useless. Your mind then becomes more organized, refined & potent.

People on this plane are able to manifest their desired realities effortlessly because they have become impervious to low vibrational thoughts.

The foremost thing to understand is that the mind doesn’t exist as an an organ in the body, it’s just a term used to describe the thinking function of the brain - aka mental chattering with one’s self.

The brain can operate without a mind (self-evident in infants), but the mind can’t exist on its own - It needs your consciousness to be self-aware. This is the existential proof that you’re not your mind.

It’s a part of you, but if you were to lose your memory this very moment, you would still exist! So rather than identifying with your mind, begin to identify as the pure consciousness you were before you became a thinking human.

Consciousness is like a white canvas, while your mind is like a projector. Your thoughts / feelings / emotions / & experiences make up your life’s movie. The screen always remains unaffected no matter the type of movie projected unto it (comedy, romance, horror or tragedy).

And so detachment from your mind is the first step to freedom. You can then watch (and even enjoy) all the psychological dramas going on in your mind.

Attention is the fuel that keeps the flame of the mind burning - Retract your interest, and the train of thought will cease instantly.

You can either redirect your attention outwards or inwards. 1) Mindfulness means bringing your attention to the present by becoming attuned to what’s going on around you. You can do this by listening to every sound around you, gazing at your nose, or simply observing the

flow of your breath

2) Awareness means watching every thought, deed and emotion from the background. Unlike mindfulness, it focuses on the subject of the experience, not the object. The more mindfulness / awareness you can muster, the fewer intrusive thoughts you’ll have.

You’ll begin to enjoy moments of silence as your mind slowly loses its power to bother you. Say goodbye to your insomnia, angst & depression...

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