10 ways to Build Resilience. | Thread

Resilience refers to how well you can deal with and bounce back from the difficulties of life. It can mean the difference between handling pressure and losing your cool. Resilient people tend to maintain a more positive outlook and cope with stress more effectively.

Whether you're going through a tough time now or you want to be prepared for the next one, Here are 10 techniques you can focus on to foster your resilience.

1. Find a sense of purpose. In a complexion crisis or tragedy, finding a sense of purpose can play an important role in your recovery. This might mean becoming involved in your community or participating in activities that are meaningful to you.

2. Belief in your abilities. Becoming more confident in your abilities, including your ability to respond to and deal with a crisis, is a great way to build resilience for the future.

3. Develop a strong social network. It's important to have people you can confide in. Having caring, supportive people around you acts as a protective factor during times of crisis.

4. Embrace change. Flexibility is an essential part of resilience. By learning how to be more adaptable, you'll be better equipped to respond when faced with a life crisis.

5. Be optimistic. Staying optimistic during dark periods can be difficult, but maintaining a hopeful outlook is important for resiliency.

6. Nurture yourself. When you're stressed, it can be all too easy to neglect your own needs. Losing your appetite, and ignoring exercise are all common reactions to a crisis. Instead, focus on building your self-nurturance skills, even when you're troubled.

7. Develop problem-solving skills. Whenever you encounter a new challenge, make a quick list of some of the potential ways you could solve the problem. By practicing your problem-solving skills regularly, you will be better prepared to cope when a serious challenge emerge.

8. Establish Goals. When you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by a situation, take a step back to simply access what is before you. Brainstorm possible solutions, and then break them down into manageable steps.

9. Take Action. Simply waiting for a problem to go away on its own only prolongs the crisis. Focus on the progress that you have made this far and plan your next steps, rather than becoming discouraged by the amount of work that still needs to be accomplished.

10. Keep working on your skills. Resilience may take time to build, so don't get discouraged if you still struggle to cope with problematic events. Everyone can learn to be resilient and it doesn't involve any specific set of behaviors or actions.

Resilience can vary dramatically from one person to the next. Focus on practicing these skills, as well as the common characteristics of resilient people, But also remember to build on your existing strengths.

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