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SakuAtsu AU in which Kiyoomi gains the sudden ability to read minds. At first he’s worried he’ll be hearing all the horrible things people might be thinking about him but won’t say to his face What if his teammates actually hate him? What if Komori simply puts up with him?

To his surprise, his teammates only have fond thoughts when it concerns Kiyoomi. ‘Ahh, Omi-san is smiling today. I’m glad he’s happy.’ Hinata is thinking when Kiyoomi greets him with mildly exaggerated cheer. ‘Omi-san is really the best’ Bokuto thinks as Kiyoomi spikes the ball

Meian’s thoughts are full of enthusiasm for their next match, and Kiyoomi is amazed to learn how proud his captain is of him. But nothing, absolutely nothing, could have prepared him for Atsumu’s lovesick inner spiel. ‘Omi-omi can look elegant doing anything.’

‘Oh god he’s smiling—he’s smiling at me. What the fuck do I do—‘ ‘He looks so good in leather I’m gonna scream’ ‘Damn you and your perfect face, Omi-omi. He’s so perfect it’s pissing me off.’ ‘…I wanna do something crazy like kiss him but he’d end my life.’

‘Stupid Omi-omi stop looking at Ushijima he doesn’t deserve you.’ Kiyoomi is bewildered—he’d never noticed how much Atsumu watches him. He never imagined so many of Atsumu’s thoughts centred around him. ‘If only Omi would notice me…’

Kiyoomi was definitely beginning to notice. He noticed that Atsumu never judged him when he carried around wipes and sanitiser. If anything he watched him fondly. He noticed that Atsumu’s thoughts strayed to him in worry when they encountered crowds

How he always seemed to shield Kiyoomi with his body He noticed all the little ways Atsumu worried about him, and all the sweet things he noticed, like Kiyoomi’s preferences that he never uttered out loud ‘I wish Omi would kiss me’

That was the last straw. Because Kiyoomi had listened to him pine for weeks now and couldn’t stand it (And maybe becaus he really, really wanted to kiss Atsumu too) So Kiyoomi strides up to him, in the midst of their training facility, where all their teammates can see

And kisses Atsumu. “O-omi-omi?” He says even when Kiyoomi can hear in real time the way his thoughts were scrambled. ‘OhmygodohmygodwhatthefuckdidhejustkissmewhattheFUCK—‘ “Hey,” Kiyoomi says, unable to resist his grin, especially when Atsumu looks at it dazed and starstruck

“Hey Atsumu, I’m tired of waiting for you to confess. I like you too.” ‘WhatthefuckwhatthefuckwhattheFUCK—‘ “I’m—I don’t—“ Atsumu tries, gripping Kiyoomi’s hands on his face. “How’d you…” “It’s kind of a funny story actually… I can hear your thoughts.”

‘WHAT.’ “Oh yes. All about my pretty eyes and long lashes and cute curls. And how you want to take me home to your mother. Thanks, by the way.” Atsumu looks completely mortified. “Omi-omi!!” “It’s cute,” Kiyoomi laughs as Atsumu tries to flee his arms in embarrassment

“Come on, I like you too and you’re running away from me?” That’s what gets Atsumu to stop and look at him. What gets Atsumu to finally confess out loud where ever their teammates can hear Their teammates who start cheering wildly as Atsumu laughs in embarrassment

It turned out Kiyoomi worried for nothing. No one secretly hated him. No, someone was secretly loving him with all his heart.

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