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kiyoomi is a very straightforward guy. it’s one thing atsumu loves about him. kiyoomi tends to say everything that comes to mind. and kiyoomi really says /everything/ that comes to mind. sometimes, it’s kind of like — they’re relaxing on the couch on off-day, -

aircon blasting and cicadas chirping outside. atsumu’s leaning against kiyoomi, scrolling through instagram while kiyoomi reads a book. it’s peaceful, comfortable silence. and then, suddenly- “sumu. let’s adopt a cat.” atsumu startles, sitting up immediately to look -

kiyoomi in the eye. “what.” “there’s a new stray cat in the area.” kiyoomi deadpans like he’s talking about the weather, but his fingers are doing tippy taps against the back of his book. oh, he’s excited. it’s positively adorable. “let’s adopt, yeah? you can name it if you -

want to.” atsumu blinks a few times. “sure.” he blurts. kiyoomi’s eyes light up, and sends atsumu a small smile. atsumu’s heart skips a beat, and he decides kiyoomi should get everything he wants in life. “by the way omi, what book are you reading?” “oh, 1981.”

later, atsumu would find out that the reason kiyoomi lit up was not because he was happy to adopt a cat, but because he was happy that atsumu saw a future with him.

other times, it’s like — “how was your day?” kiyoomi asks the second atsumu enters the kitchen. “god, samu is a fucking beast.” atsumu groans, pressing his forehead on kiyoomi’s shoulder. “the dude made me make fucking rice. can you believe it? ME! RICE!!”

“i can’t.” kiyoomi responds amusedly. “you shouldn’t be let near a rice cooker.” “that’s what i said! and then samu was like, you better make yourself useful, and suddenly, i was making rice during peak hour!”

“mm.” kiyoomi hums, stirring the miso soup absentmindedly. “i’ve been horny all day.” atsumu’s brain startles to a halt. “what.” “wait, sorry. you were saying? you made rice?” kiyoomi continues nonchalantly, as if he didn’t just… do That.

“no, no we can talk about that another time, do you wanna finish your soup or?” atsumu gestures wildly to the pot, suddenly filled with the urge to pin the other man down on their bed. kiyoomi laughs lightly. “i’m sure the soup can wait.” ( the soup went very cold. )

but most of the time, it’s more like — “omi!” atsumu calls as he sets to his right, and his spiker is right there, waiting for him. kiyoomi spikes through the blocker and scores them a point, and they high-five after the whistle beeps.

atsumu laughs, a little feral with excitement. “finally! that was a nice on-“ “god, i love you.” atsumu stuns, and kiyoomi grasps his hand where it’s frozen in the high-five, a proud smile on his face. behind then, bokuto wolf whistles. “what’re you talking about during a -

match, dipshit?” atsumu chides, but it’s not very convincing, since his face has decided to do its best effort to cosplay as a tomato. “whatever, dick.” kiyoomi smirks back, before they get a whistle from the referee for “homoerotic tension on the court.”

moral of the story, someone should duct tape kiyoomi’s mouth shut, or atsumu’s going to serve so hard next round that the ball will explode.

// end! if there r typos i am so sorry im tired :> im so damn single for fucks sakes i literally hate seeing happy couples i cant believe i write about them as a hobby im gonna vomit ok goodnight everyone drink lots of water n have a good day today okay promise

did i just write 1984 as 1981. im going to

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