The future of employment will never be the same after the pandemic Here's what you need to know to stay ahead /THREAD/

I have been working 100% remotely for more than a year and will continue after the pandemic During that year I have made several observations that gave me great insights into what the future of employment will hold Here are some of my thoughts and predictions

1. Flexible Schedule You will set your own schedule as long as you • Meet the deadlines • Satisfy client needs • Communicate timely and effectively The 9-5 is officially dead

You will no longer have to take a day off for • Your kid's school play • A doctor's appointment • Having a handyman at your place That way you won't waste precious vacation days

2. Location Friction Eliminated Living in one of the major hubs will no longer be an advantage in the job search Companies will expand their search for employees globally That will increase competition as well as your chances of getting a job

3. Value Over Time The main factor of performance evaluation will be the value you create and the impact you have on the company Not whether you are the first to go to the office and the last to leave

4. More competition By entering a global job market, the competition now will be much greater Companies will look to hire the best ones for their team The ones with a diverse skill set will be the winners

5. No more corporate HQs Say goodbye to the fancy corporate headquarters Companies will decide to invest those funds elsewhere It's much cheaper to provide high-tech equipment for remote workers than lease and maintain expensive office space

6. More free time By working remotely I have more free time since I avoid commuting And by having my own schedule and being productive, I work less than 40 hours and have more free time That will be the norm from now on

7. Documentation is king Working with people in different locations and timezones will require an insane amount of documentation If done right from the beginning, it can actually save time and prevent miscommunications

8. Fewer meetings You will no longer have to sit in a conference room for 1-2 hours listening to a boring presentation You can now put it on speaker or on your headphones and do other things • Cooking • Working out • Doing chores

9. No more time wasters By working from home, I have avoided huge time wasters • Commuting • Filling time until it's 5 pm • Talking in the office kitchen That time is devoted to my side projects now

10. Lower cost of living With remote work, you can significantly lower your cost of living by avoiding • Eating out for lunch • Commuting every day • Living in high cost-of-living cities Those savings can be used for your investments and side hustles

To summarize: 1. Flexible Schedule 2. Location Friction Eliminated 3. Value Over Time 4. More competition 5. No more corporate HQs 6. More free time 7. Documentation is king 8. Fewer meetings 9. No more time wasters 10. Lower cost of living

I believe these 10 things will become very common in the new era of employment post-pandemic What do you think? Are you still willing to go back to the office? /END/

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