The most critical battle of our lives. Between freedom & serfdom. #Bitcoin vs. #CBDC. 1/16

2/ Freedom has been in a bear market for decades, but the final death blow is on the horizon. The end of financial freedom via Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) & social credit. We must stop CBDCs at all costs. Keep reading to get up to speed on what's at stake.

3/ CBDCs create a direct relationship between you & central bank [CB]. Currently, CBs work w/ commercial banks, which work w/ ppl. But CBDCs disintermediate the comm. banking system providing you w/ financial services directly from the CB. Doesn't sound so bad, does it?

4/ But the issue is that CBDCs concentrate more power in the hands of the state. CBs are an extension of the state and would have absolute control over the financial system & your finances w/ CBDCs. CBDCs are marketed as better tech, allowing faster, more secure payments.

5/ And while there may be some truth to that. The consequences of CBDCs cannot be understated. CBDCs are the last step needed to destroy your financial freedoms, making you a serf w/ no control over your own money.

6/ CBDCs allow for complete control by Gov/Central Banks. Programmable money that allows for: • social credit • direct taxing • direct confiscation • neg. interest rates • censorship of transactions • surveillance of transactions The worst of which is social credit.

7/ Social credit is a totalitarian scoring system that dictates access to financial services based on compliance and allegiance to the state. Social credit is used to silence dissidents, confiscate wealth, and destroy livelihoods.

8/ CBDCs can be programmed to make this authoritarian dream a reality. Weaponization of money to ensure that the state's political/social goals can be achieved. Scoring citizens based on their support for the "current thing."

9/ CBDCs are an extension of fiat money but with more censorship, confiscation, and control by the ruling class. It's a system that can strip you of your savings or sever your access to basic goods and services in a moment's notice. It's digital serfdom.

10/ As @saifedean writes in "The Fiat Standard" on CBDCs: "The fiat economy will be fully regulated and surveilled, constantly subject to inflationary pressure, and financing increasingly violent and totalitarian governments that control their serfs’ purchasing decisions."

@saifedean 11/ Unfortunately, this is not hyperbolic. The US is urgently researching CBDCs. And the only way to avoid totalitarianism is to build parallel structures, according to Vaclav Haval, a dissident under Soviet Rule.

@saifedean 12/ In the digital age, that parallel system is #bitcoin. Incorruptible & decentralized money. Unlike CBDCs, there is no central authority on the bitcoin network. It's a monetary network secured by miners and validated by nodes. Rules, not rulers.

@saifedean 13/ #Bitcoin destroys the elites' monopoly on money. It empowers individuals, freeing us from the shackles of central planners. Unlike CBDCs, weaponized for political agendas, bitcoin has no agenda. It's inclusive & transparent. Anyone is welcome to use bitcoin.

@saifedean 14/ #Bitcoin is the life raft from the sinking fleet of fiat currencies. A secure vessel for your savings. Protecting you from the CBDC social credit system the elites have planned. Bitcoin is freedom in the digital age. h/t @TFTC21 @MartyBent Which way, western man?

@saifedean @TFTC21 @MartyBent 15/ Money you control or money used to control you? Individual empowerment or state-imposed digital imprisonment? Freedom or serfdom? The choice should be clear. #Bitcoin. You in?

@saifedean @TFTC21 @MartyBent Fin/ Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this thread, I would appreciate a RT and follow. Please spread the good word & have a blessed day.

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