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YouTubers these days "try" to become a "Brand". And It's one of the biggest MISTAKES you can do as a Creator. But unfortunately, it's not a much talked about thing... Here's what do I mean- (1/n)

There are a lot of YouTubers who compromise with their Thumbnails to maintain a so called "Brand Identity". They use the style everytime even if it leads to a bad output. And that's HORRIBLE. (2/n)

No one cares about your standardized thumbnails if they're bad. If you're just starting out, EXPERIMENT. You can use templates but only after enough experiments. And even then, don't restrict yourself. (3/n)

See Dhruv Rathee- a perfect example. He fixed a style only after enough experiments, & even now he doesn't mind going beyond it at times. Because he knows that brand value comes from delivering the right thing. And Dhruv is one of the biggest brands in India right now. (4/n)

It's not only about thumbnails, it's about every aspect. Video Editing, Script Writing, Shooting- don't be stubborn. Explore different styles, and then you MAY fix one. (5/n)

The point is don't "try" to be a "brand" unnecessarily. Even Brands who are too attached to their "templates" aren't succeeding on YouTube. It's a different game, play it differently. (6/n)

If you give the audience what they want, you'll automatically become a brand. Do you also run behind unnecessary standardization on YouTube? Got questions? Ask here or DM me! (7/n)

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