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#PierroChi 🎭💧🔞 “Trick or Treat!” The kids shout excitedly as soon as the door opens. Childe laughs brightly, leaning down a little. “Ooo what awesome costumes!” He says excitedly. “And what are you?” He asks one of the younger boys. “I’m an- an ewemite!” The boy answers

Childe gasps cutely, “an eremite, huh? Looks super cool!” “Mhm! My dada traveled to Sumeru and told me all about them! They sound so cool!” “I’ve seen them myself” Childe giggles, “they most definitely are” he says, placing some candy into each of their bags. “Happy Halloween!”

And the door closes before he even has a chance to wave, Pierro standing behind him and setting a hand on his waist. “When are you gonna be done passing candy out?” He grumbles, squeezing Childe’s little waist. Childe hums, “when the kids stop coming” he says playfully.

Pierro sighs and leans down, kissing along his jaw. “Can I convince you to come to bed instead?” He mumbles, kissing down his neck. “Mmm you’re being incredibly enticing..” Childe sighs, leaning his head back a little, “but no~ I still want to pass candy out.”

Pierro frowns, nipping a little sweet spot of Childe’s and nuzzling over it after. “You’re just going to keep taunting me with this outfit then hm?” “Oh? I didn’t know you had a thing for cute maids.” Childe giggles. The maid dress is by no means inappropriate, not the top

layer anyways, but underneath that long maid’s dress, is a slutty little lingerie set that Pierro’s wanted to rip off since he walked in on Childe changing into it, his plump little asscheeks lifted by the panties and his pretty pierced buds showing through the lace. Pierro was

going to go insane, really. “Childe, please” it takes a lot to get a “please” from Pierro, yet here he is. “Patience, daddy” Childe giggles and Pierro grips his waist tighter, but right before he can drag Childe away forcefully, the doorbell rings and Childe playfully shoves

him off. “Go get your costume on, grandpa” he teases and Pierro gives a glare before heading up the stairs. He doesn’t get his costume on, but he does wait in bed until Childe, all giggly runs up the stairs and into their room. “Hi” Childe says, untying his little apron before

dropping it onto the ground. “So you’ve finally quit? Mmm I’m too tired now” Pierro lies, laying back more comfortably on the bed and turning on his side. “Are you? Mm then I guess I’ll enjoy this lingerie set all by myself. Should I use my fingers, or that toy.. hm…”

Pierro turns back over and drags Childe into bed with him, dress be damned. “You and I both know you’re far too slutty for toys alone to satisfy you.” “Mm and you’re too filthy to let me play on my own” Childe responds, smiling and reaching back, “help my get my dress off.”

Pierro groans and reaches up, taking the zipper between his fingers and slowly dragging it down. “Mmm I’m going to absolutely *ruin* you, baby.” “Please do, *daddy*” Needless to say, the moans heard throughout the neighborhood were made by no ghost, but a slut who

couldn’t get enough of his daddy’s monstrous cock until sunrise.

Was I going to write full smut? Yeah. Did I? No. Why? My brain hurts and I’m lazy. PierroChi enjoyers, I hope you liked it though 🤭

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