I started working on my writing skills 8 months ago. It took me 6 months to understand the basics of Online Writing. I don't want you to go through the same trouble. Here are 16 lessons from 16 Great writers that'll make you a 16x better writer in just 5 mins:

1. Dakota Robertson ( @WrongsToWrite ): Online Writing isn't like the writing you were taught in school. The main objective of writing online is to simplify complex topics & pass the information through. Grammar has very less to do with it. That's why:

2. Naval ( @naval ): The future belongs to two kinds of people. • People who can Create Products. • People who can Distribute Them. People who know how to code can focus on creating awesome products. Others can focus on distribution. That's why:

3. Kieran Drew ( @ItsKieranDrew ): We all start from 0. The only thing that's separating a 0 from becoming a 10 is repetition. When you do a task over and over, you become a master at it. That's why Kieran also believes:

4. JK Molina: You can have 10k likes on a post and make 0 money from it. or You can you have constant 100 likes and make thousands of dollars from it. Everything depends on whom and what you are pitching.

5. Dickie Bush: Editing is the most important part of writing online. But it isn't easy, is it? Here's one tip from Dickie that'll make editing a lot easier for you.

6. Nicolas Cole : You already know Volume is the answer when you are facing any writing problem. But writing on a website blog takes a lot of time and effort. You need to take care of Keywords, SEO, etc. This definitely reduces the volume of your content. More:

7. Rob Lenon: It might take you 30 mins to write a thread on some days, but on other days, it might take you 3-4 hours. Procrastination can reach its peak when you are writing something difficult. The best way to become punctual is to realize:

8. Erica: You can write the first draft and completely hate it. You can write it again and still not like it. You just need to look at the topic from alternate perspectives and try out different things. Even:

9. David Perell: To write a great content piece, you need to read a lot. You have to understand what you have read and think about it from different perspectives. You need to convert your thoughts into words and share them with people. That's why:

10. Syed: You might be putting out a lot of value. You might be improving a lot. You might think all of it is not really worth it. But Syed is here to tell you that:

11. Sahil Bloom: Writing long form is an art. However, writing short form is a necessity. You might know the most complex and better-sounding words, that'll make your content look premium. But this doesn't work everywhere. In some cases:

12. Charles Miller:

13. Get Paid Writing: For any writing-related problem, Volume is the answer. However, you should make sure that you are constantly generating volume. A sudden surge of efforts and a long break after that won't do you any good. That's because:

14. Julian Shapiro: Online writing mostly has a motive behind it. It can be: Getting likes. Getting Link Clicks. Getting Followers. To achieve this, you have to learn how to evoke emotions in people when they are reading your content. Here's:

15. Justin Welsh: Twitter is probably the best platform to learn any kind of writing. Tweets helps you to improve brevity, Threads help you to work on your eloquence. That's why everyone should write on Twitter. Here's:

16. Ankur Warikoo: Most people write based on their understanding of topics So their content is full of extra information This info isn't very useful to the readers & is just there taking extra space Great writers never let extra info show up in the final draft That's why:

I really wish someone had told me these lessons when I was a newbie. I had to struggle to get every bit of information about writing. But it's good I guess. Now I know about the pain of newbie writers & can help them get over them.

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