Daisy Patton

Daisy Patton



Requiring masks in grocery stores and doctor's offices means vulnerable/disabled folks can safely get food and medical care. For those of you who don't mask in these places, why? Do you understand you're contributing to eugenic ideas that we shouldn't exist or deserve to die?

It's basic humanity and courtesy to mask in those spaces even when you're not required to. Not everyone wants to disclose their health status or that they're in close contact with those that are vulnerable.

The spaces where immunocompromised people can safely exist have shrunk to almost nothing. Before COVID, it was possible to be out in the world. This is deliberate harm and erasure.

FWIW, the more often you're infected the more likely you'll join the ranks of the disabled with us. You'll wish you'd protected us because it protects you too. Everyone is pre-disabled—health is not guaranteed.

A lot of us disabled folks can live great long lives as long as we don't get this virus. And don't forget kids under 5 can't be vaxxed yet! Masking indoors helps everyone 😷

I wrote this thread in a car, sad watching unmasked folks go into a grocery store that I couldn't chance entering. The unending grief of a life lost to this pandemic—either from death, long COVID, or lockdown for protection—is tremendous. This article from @edyong209 is important

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