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I have made powerpoint presentations in front of Hon'ble Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Cabinet Secretary and top bosses of MNCs. By God's grace, they were always received well. Some tips for making effective presentations along with tech tools. A ๐Ÿงต. Pls RT for wider reach

Know your audience A presentation in front of Prime Minister would not be the same as that infront of your technical team. Even if the topic is the same. Understand the audience and know what they need from the presentation. Plan accordingly

Structure Some people naturally think in a very coherent way. If you are not one of those, make an outline of the presentation first. Try to get the flow right.

Problem-Solution kind of presentation State the problem and then tell what you did to solve it. (or going to do) The 'how' you achieved it should follow after that. This gives more impact

Slides Make concise slides with few words. The slides should just be cues for you and your audience. Dont put all details in them. Just a few phrases/lines should sufice

Content: - Focus on one idea per slide - Less than six lines of text on any slide - Have Smooth transitions

Images/Inforgraphics A picture speaks more than a thousand words. Use these well. Wherever possible, insert relevant images/ graphs or icons. Don't overdo this. Don't use them for the sake of using. Can also ad small video clips

Opening Try to have an impactful opening. An anecdote, joke, story can work. Even better is to start with a question to the audience. Something hat makes them think about the issue at hand and hence keep them involved to find your answer

Involve the audience Depending on the formality of the setting, you must involve the audience by taking polls, show of hands, asking a member of the audience etc. That makes them invested in what you have to say. Take them on a journey with you and make them relate with you.

Time limit STICK TO THE TIME LIMIT. Super impactful presentations can be made even in 5 mins. Its not the vastness of the subject but lack of planning that exceeds the time. It is a major put off. In the nd you are racing to finish the presentation and the impact is lost

Delivery Don't read from a script. Write bullet points you will cover and speak in a flow. For very important presentations I would recommend multiple rehearsals. For the ppt ๐Ÿ‘‡I gave in front of Hon'ble PM, we had at least 5 rehearsals.

Stage presence Cover as much area of the stage as possible. It gives an aura of confidence. If the setting is formal, or you are uncomfortable doing that, just use hand movements

Eye contact Some people are naturally confident. If you are not, even then you must make eye contact. Look in general in the direction of the audience and pan the entire room. Find few friendly faces in different parts of audience & look them in the eye

How to overcome stage fright/nervousness -Power posing for just 2 minutes can give you a psychological boost that will reduce nervousness - Watch Ted talk of Amy Cuddy and her tips on power posing on youtube - Say to yourself - "You Will Rock! Be Calm!" - This actually helps

โš’๏ธ Tools that will aid you in making a better presentation:

1. Prezi The presentation software uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life - Free version is good enough for one off presentations prezi. com

2. Chrome Capture -Google Chrome extension for creating screen-recorded GIFs. -Helps to show steps of a task etc or some visual that you have made through some other software -The following video is made on ppt an captured thru chrome capture => Shows a lot is possible in ppt

3. Mentimeter - Helps make your presentations interactive by having live polls and quizzes for the audience. You can see live results. - Increase engagement and make a presentation dynamic and memorable. com

4.Noun Project -Illustrate Your Ideas on Slides by downloading icons & stock photos. -Browse over 5 million art-quality icons and photos. thenounproject. com

5. Pexels -Populate Presentations with Beautiful Photos -The best free stock photos, royalty free images & videos shared by creators. pexels. com

6. Templates - Awesome templates are available on the web. It is difficult and time consuming to make good templates. I had bought one many years ago called Infograpia - You can check out smiletemplates .com which are free or check out others

No one is born with great presentation skills. You must take all opportunities to present to hone your skills. Tell a story Prepare Rehearse Be authentic Use the best tech tools Follow me @divyamittal_IAS for more of these

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