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#miyacest nsfw, bunk bed Thinking about if, in the middle of fucking in the bottom bunk, a relative mistakenly opens the door to their room, thinking it’s the restroom.

They freeze—with Osamu filling and stretching Atsumu obscenely, pressed so deep his balls hang flush against Atsumu’s taint. Atsumu’s hole is fluttering around him in arousal and anticipation, and his brother’s excitement makes his own cock throb where it’s sheathed.

They’re safe. Mostly. Even the arms encircling Atsumu’s clothed waist are blessedly hidden under the duvet. But if their unwanted guest doesn’t leave soon, Atsumu’s lust-drunk brain might do something stupid, like grind against Osamu, or moan like the slut that he is.

“Oh, how sweet,” their aunt remarks. “They’re still so close. That’s adorable.” Atsumu has to bite his lips to contain the moan rising up his throat. Oh, she has no idea just how close they are.

The moment her footsteps fade beyond the door, Osamu pulls out, the drag of his cock delicious, before slamming back in. Again, and again, and again, until their grunts and groans are drowned out by the sound of skin slapping against skin.

“Fuck yer brother, Samu,” Atsumu babbles. “Make yer brother cum, show me how close ya feel to me.” A broken groan escapes Osamu’s mouth as his cock swells, thrusts hastening and growing erratic.

“Yer mouth, Tsumu, I swear to God,” he murmurs into his twin’s neck. “This ought to shut ya up.”

He grips his brother’s hips, bottoming out for the last time, before the world grows static as he spills white. At the same time, Atsumu cums quietly, releasing into his palm, orgasm racking through him from head to toe.

When they regain their breaths, Osamu chuckles. “That really did shut ya up.” Atsumu groans, but he’s biting back a laugh. “/You/ shut up, Samu.” Osamu huffs. “/Make/ me.” Atsumu does, with a filthy, open-mouthed kiss.

/ partially inspired by this 😮‍💨

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