kero|| Writting🫶🏽

kero|| Writting🫶🏽



˚✧ cw// #miyacest , miyacest , underage , timeskip Osamu , age gap , foreskin ?, Atsuosa ✧༚ Atsumu (x) loves to suck on his big brother Osamu (27) cock, he loves how big it is and how he gets out of breath from it filling his mouth all the way to his throat blocking all the +

But his favorite part of big brother’s cock is how it has a “wrapper” just like a candy. He loves to watch Osamu pulling it back once when Osamu is hard and ready for his mouth, where he always starts by licking the whole thing before getting it all in +

He even likes to lick all the cum from the “wrapper”. Little Atsumu was so anxious for Osamu to come back home after going on a trip with Suna, but there was something different with Osamu, he was acting different When Osamu got hard he didn’t offered his dick to him +

Until Atsumu got on his knees begging his big brother for his dick, and Osamu couldn’t say no to his little puppy. But this time there was no wrapper, his dicks was naked, Atsumu was so confused but he did want he knows best +

He started to lick his shaft all the way to the head, where he circled around with his tonge, and before putting it all in he locked eyes with Osamu “Why yer so mean and took the wrapper away” he said before bitting Osamu tip and running away before he could catch him Fin <3

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