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"The Seven Principles of Public Life," or "the Nolan Principles." These principles are considered as the foundational values for civil servants! They are given by the the Committee on Standards in Public Life (CSPL) (ThreadπŸ‘‡)

These 7 Principles are as follows - 1. Selflessness: Those in positions of public trust should make decisions solely in the public interest. They should not do anything to benefit themselves, their families, or their friends financially or otherwise.

2. Integrity: Persons in positions of public trust should not owe any financial or other obligations to outside individuals 3. Objectivity: Holders of public office should make decisions based solely on merit. Their subjective dispositions shall not affect the decision making

4. Accountability: Public officials are responsible to the public for their decisions and actions, and they must submit to whatever scrutiny is appropriate for their position. 5. Openness: Holders of public offices should be transparent about all their decisions & actions.

6. Honesty: Holders of public offices have a responsibility to disclose any private interests relating to their public duties and to take steps to resolve any conflicts that arise in a way that protects the public interest. 7. Leadership: Officers should lead by example

How to remember these Nolan Principles? Remeber: SAHILOO S - Selflessness A - Accountability H - Honesty I - Integrity L - Leadership O - Objectivity O - Openness (Transperancy) Quote Nolan committee in GS 4 to fetch extra marks!

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