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miyacest + voyeurism + cockholding the twins and suna usually got together and had a threesome from time to time. suna and osamu would top atsumu and make him they're pet for the night. but this time, osamu had other plans. he wanted to watch atsumu get fucked by rin

he wanted nothing more than to watch atsumu get completely obliterated by someone else. so, as he watched suna tear him to shreds, he jerked off, while watching rin pull atsumu by his hair and spank him. watching the saliva drip from atsumu's mouth and onto the bed sheets.

atsumu kept glancing at osamu, asking for permission with his eyes, osamu nodded his head and watched atsumu arch his back, asking rin for more. it was fun seeing atsumu from a different angle. seeing him all teary eyed, face flushed and hair messy from all the pounding he was

taking in. "yer being such an obitient bitch" rin said as he smirked seeing atsumu at a loss for words. "yer such a good boy for me." atsumu moaned in response, he couldn't get the words out, but he wanted to scream rins name. "r-rin a-ah~" osamu smirked,

he liked watching atsumu struggle, it made him want to fuck the words out of him. "go on, say it" atsumu stuttered "r-rin t-too m-much" suna went faster, he went at an ungodly speed, atsumu's eyes rolled back, like he was going to pass out. he felt his legs go numb and

looked at osamu one last time before giving up, cumming everywhere.

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