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Questions are a powerful tool to unlock key insights. How we frame questions can greatly influence the outcome & learnings of a conversation. I'm a collector of questions, so I asked my marketer friends: “What are the top questions that unlock the greatest insights?”

@amandanat - What's your advice to managers of your job function? - When did you realize X? - What's a communication tactic you've learned? - What's one thing someone can do to stand out to you?

@RamliJohn - What’s your process or framework for doing X? - What are common mistakes when doing X? - What advice would you give yourself if you had to start from scratch today? - Who do you follow to learn more about X? - What's 1️⃣ thing I should’ve asked but haven't yet?

@camilletrent Polarizing questions to bring out strong viewpoints. - What’s the most underrated thing about [topic]? Overrated? - What do most people get wrong about [topic]? Why is that?

@LouisSlices The Peter Thiel question: What do you believe in that most people don't?

@Aazarshad - What have you recently changed your mind about? - What do you passionately disagree with in your industry? - Tell me something you said "why not" to something or someone.

@ManuelaBarcenas - What are some mistakes you made early in your career? - Who has been your favorite boss/mentor? Why? - What are some tools or resources you’d share with [audience]?

@tpelligrino questions that help tell a specific story. - When did you realize that X? [post with their POV] - What prompted you to find a solution for X? - What actions did you take to improve? - What was the hardest part of your process?

@coreyhainesco - What's something on the horizon you're experimenting with, that has you excited? - What’s a long-held industry belief or best practice that you disagree with? - When you look back on the arc of your career, what's the thread that ties everything together?

@kushaanshah - What is something you feel a lot of people misunderstand about your profession or what you do? - What's a popular book (or trend) that you think is overrated? - What's a problem that can get you ranting?

What's your favorite question to unlock great insights?

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