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A full account of the way the internet has responded to the last week and the way world leaders have leveraged the internet over the last week will be a fantastic book to read. Remarkable and history making.

Here are some of the things that stand out: 🧵

Use of Wikipedia to cover the events as they unfold

Real-time combating of disinformation/misinformation

A call for an international cyber army by Ukrainian leaders

Remixing of @ZelenskyyUa’s selfie video from Kyiv

Social media companies (Twitter) giving actionable online safety info to folks on the ground:

Distribution of reliable sources folks can follow:

Google maps as an OSINT source

Crowdsourced intelligence gathering via GitHub

A call for help of private companies via Twitter:

And a subsequent response with aid

Reporting on tech usage as a signal of what’s happening on the ground

Coverage on how to make Molotov cocktails by the @latimes on tiktok (including some made with club mate bottles)

The official @Ukraine Twitter account crowdsourcing aid via cryptocurrency:

Non-nation state internet groups organizing and taking action

Dissemination of relevant art

More OSINT dissemination via Twitter

Advice from a global expert on urban warfare to civilian resistors in Ukraine via Twitter

Tracking of Russian oligarchs’ planes as they flee Russia

The use of crowdsourcing/microworking platforms to aid in military efforts.

The increased usage of privacy-preserving services like @torproject in the region

Crowdsourced verification and geolocation of munitions

And use of @maphubteam to pin point them exactly on a map:

Third-party tracking of cryptocurrency aid/payments to Ukraine (to the addresses mentioned in an above tweet) in almost real time

NFTs as a fundraising method to support Ukrainians suffering from the war

There are Spotify playlists, this one is the “Soundtrack of the war in Ukraine” Another titled “Ukraine draft” “Tunes to listen to as you shoot down Su-30s” (a Russian fighter aircraft)

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