Amy 🪄

Amy 🪄



Broken bonds; a #taekookau The entire pack watch the omega scream, thrashing on the ground while his mate lies there. Lifeless, attacked by the rogues and taken too soon. The childhood sweethearts. The most lovely pair of the pack, in shambles. Taehyung lost his mate.

“He smells of the alpha!” the pack members gossip, “he is not pure anymore!” “God, he is bad luck. He killed his mate.” “I cannot believe he thought anyone would want him after this.” “He is now a burden to his family! Moon goddess did right. He deserved it.”

Or, the taekook spin off of the yoonmin story, Soulmates :

I am putting it up for commission for now. See the price chart before contacting me, if you are interested. Thank you. x

✨Commissioned ✨Angst with happy ending ✨Hurt/comfort ✨ traditional a/b/o

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