Free will/manifesting an SP (specific person): a 🧵 I’m seeing a little bit of discourse on “taking away someone’s free will” / “violating energy” / “forcing someone to be with you” so it’s time to go back over how manifestation works in regards to people. BUCKLE UP.

Manifestation is always happening, whether we are conscious of this or not. Law of assumption is always working, it is spiritual law. Trumps logic, trumps our senses, all that jazz. This includes people. People reflect our assumptions about them back to us, they mirror us.

They also reflect our assumptions about ourselves in relation to relationships. If I’m constantly thinking I am unloved, not chosen, no one wants to commit to me, etc, that is my assumption of myself in relationships and other people have no choice but to reflect that back to me.

An assumption is something that we believe without proof. Like when you were in a relationship or friendship with someone who treats you so well, but you’ve persisted in the assumption they don’t love you and will leave, sooner or later they will reflect that back to you.

“But what about free will?” Most of our physical world is created by our subconscious mind. This is backed by neuroscience. The thoughts we consistently and dominantly have reflect into our physical world whether that is positive or negative - this includes people.

When we say people do not have free will, that is not to say people are robots. It means that they will show up how we assume they will show up. If we consistently think (affirm) that a person loves us and is always there, they will reflect that. The opposite is also true.

“They aren’t consenting to be manifested, they said they didn’t want me. That’s violating them in some way.” We are always thinking therefore we are always manifesting. People change their minds all the time. All SP can do is reflect back to you. It all starts + ends with you.

Leading up to a relationship breakdown, what were you consistently thinking about? How much they love you, how much you love them? No. You were thinking about it not working, them leaving, you being too much, them finding someone better. So they reflected that.

You’re not forcing anyone to do anything. It’s about what you are consistently thinking about yourself (concept of self) and how you assume they think of you and see you. If you repeatedly tell yourself that you’re lovable and this person adores you, they will show up that way.

I say all this to say: you’re already manifesting them. Whether you believe they love you or hate you, you’ll be right. They’re feeling and thinking what you assume they are. So think (affirm) in your favour.

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