Traditional education will get you a $4,000/month job. Meanwhile, kids are making $20,000/month with no-code. Here's 24 no-code tools to build your own cash printing machine:

Websites: 1. Carrd 2. Gumroad 3. Typedream

Payment: 4. Gumroad 5. Paypal 6. Stripe

Content: 7. Twitter 8. TikTok 9. YouTube

Graphics: 10. Canva 11. Figma 12. Paint

Copywriting: 13. CopyAI 14. Hemingway 15. Jasper

Emails: 16. Convertkit 17. Mailchimp 18. Klaviyo

Automations: 19. Integromat 20. Zapier 21. Make

Communities: 22. Discord 23. Circle 24. Slack

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