Miyacest NSFW OsaAtsu “Tears? Already?” Osamu laughed as he wiped the droplets from Atsumu’s cheeks. “Baby, you’ve only got the tip in.” Atsumu’s sob sent shivers down Osamu’s spine. His brother looked so wrecked, and he hadn’t even started yet. Honey eyes were filled to the

brim, and spilling over. Dark lashes clumped together as Atsumu shook his head back and forth on the pillow. “Big,” Atsumu cried, teeth clenched. “‘Samu, yer so thick. Too thick.” Atsumu’s mouth was wet with tears and spit, and Osamu pushed further in just to see him cry more.

“What about all yer talk, baby?” Osamu wheedled. “About how ya could take me, please me like no one else could. Was that a lie?” Osamu rubbed Atsumu’s thighs, his tummy, as his brother shook. “I can take it, ‘Samu. Promise,” Atsumu flicked pleading eyes up at him. He was such

a sucker for his twin. “Good boy.” Osamu lifted Atsumu’s hips. “Deep breath in, then let it out.” As soon as Atsumu let go of his breath, Osamu started pushing the rest of the way in. His cock wasn’t any longer than Atsumu’s, but it was much thicker. Atsumu’s little pink hole

was white with the pressure, the stretch. “Full, too full,” tears made their way down Atsumu’s ruddy cheeks. Osamu wanted to lick them off, suck that salty bottom lip into his mouth. “Hush,” Osamu moaned long and low when his hips met Atsumu’s ass. “If ya can’t be good fer me,

I’ll give it to someone else.” Atsumu’s lashes were so pretty, heavy with moisture. His eyebrows wrinkled in pain. “Fuck,” Atsumu was panting, fingers convulsing in the sheets. “I’d fucking kill ya.” Osamu laughed again, kissing his brother’s blonde head. “Don’t try to stop

me, baby. Ya said ya could take it, so take it.” Atsumu’s hole was so tight around him, he couldn’t help but think maybe he should have used five fingers to stretch him. Atsumu mewled, head dropping back as Osamu pulled out, thrusting back in. “Fucking Christ,” spit was sliding

From Atsumu’s open mouth as he sniveled and whimpered. Osamu kept a slow and steady pace, feeling his brother’s walls cling to his cock. “So pretty fer me, baby. Ya know I love when ya cry,” Osamu buckled to temptation and licked Atsumu’s wet cheek. “My pretty boy, letting me

fuck you so open that nobody else would want ya.” Osamu picked up the pace of his thrusts as Atsumu cried and begged. “Just ya. Don’t want anyone else. Please. Please.” Atsumu didn’t even look like he knew what he was saying, just wanted Osamu. “I’m going to keep ya open for

me all the time. Be a slick hole fer me to fuck whenever I want,” Osamu could feel his orgasm, building. His brother’s cries and tears just pushing him closer to the edge. “Always. Whenever ya want. Just please,” Atsumu’s abs tensed, pink cock throbbing. “Ya drive me crazy,”

Osamu thumbed the wet head of Atsumu’s drooling cock. “Made fer me.” Atsumu’s eyes rolled as he came hot and sticky over Osamu’s fist. “‘Samu,” Atsumu’s whole body shook. “Gonna be even fuller,” Osamu pressed his hand to his brother’s tummy, feeling his cock in Atsumu’s guts.

It only took a few more sloppy thrusts before he was flooding Atsumu’s stretched and hungry hole. His body was wracked with shivers of pleasure, mouth chanting Atsumu’s name. “‘Samu,” Atsumu could barely open his eyes. “Ya feel so good.” Osamu kissed Atsumu’s pliant mouth, hips

still churning. “That’s real good, baby boy. Because I’m not done yet.”

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