nsfw // #skts #sakuatsu // angry sex?? Kiyoomi fucked up. It was a little mistake that was causing his face to currently be buried into the mattress as Atsumu rocked his hips into him at an unforgiving speed. Although it was like a punishment—Kiyoomi wasn’t complaining.

It was a simple mistake. A thirst trap photo he meant to send to Atsumu was sent to the work group chat instead. It happens. Atsumu was usually the one who did it—though most think that’s on purpose. Kiyoomi on his knees, a hand around his neck in front of the mirror shirtless.

It was a beautiful photo—that’s what Joffe had said at least. Kiyoomi was sure that was the catalyst for events. Because the next day at practice Atsumu refused to set to Kiyoomi or even look at Joffe. When Kiyoomi drove them home he might have snapped at his boyfriend a little.

“What the fuck is your problem? It was an accident. He knows we’re together. You promised this wouldn’t affect work,” hissed Kiyoomi, hands gripping the steering wheel tight. A vow that their relationship would never affect work that had been true until that very moment.

Atsumu didn’t even respond to him. He stared out the window, that same angry pout on his face. Kiyoomi groaned, letting it go until they got home. Inside their apartment, he was determined to talk. Atsumu was /not./ Kiyoomi was pressed against the door immediately, lips on him.

Atsumu angrily nipped at his neck, already trying to strip Kiyoomi of his clothes in their entry way. Kiyoomi, ever eager to kiss him, tried to pepper kisses back, but Atsumu wasn’t having any of it. Still, he didn’t speak a single word.

Their moment was filled with fiery anger. Atsumu kissed like a man on a mission, his hands all over him. He rolled a nipple between his fingers, practically snarling into the crook of Kiyoomi’s neck. “Bedroom then,” offered Kiyoomi in a pant. Atsumu just yanked him by the hand.

Atsumu wasn’t particular the most jealous type, but something was off as they undressed together. Kiyoomi was pushed sharply onto their bed when he was nude and Atsumu pounced. There would certainly be visible bruises with how Kiyoomi was being manhandled. But that was exciting.

Kiyoomi allowed Atsumu to take his anger out on him. It felt too good not to. Atsumu stroked his cock to full hardness with such roughness and vigor. Kiyoomi would have never expected it from him. Atsumu was pissed and clearly wanted to use Kiyoomi. Kiyoomi found he didn’t mind.

“Fuck—Atsumu please,” whined Kiyoomi as Atsumu slammed two fingers in him. He didn’t even warm the lube up a little the bastard. It didn’t take long to open him up, but the next thing Kiyoomi saw instead of stars was the white of their sheets. His hips were yanked up into place.

There was the distinct sound of Atsumu lubing himself up before Kiyoomi felt him push through no warning. Kiyoomi whined, living for how rough Atsumu was being with him. It was rare they had sex while fighting, but it always managed to be fun. “Baby,” purred Kiyoomi happily.

And that’s when the punishing speed began. Kiyoomi’s neglected cock dripped heavy between his legs as he was slammed into brutally. The entire time Atsumu still didn’t speak. Even as Kiyoomi moaned out his name over and over, muffled by their sheets. “Close,” warned Kiyoomi.

But it didn’t matter. The roughness, the silent treatment—it was doing it for Kiyoomi. He came untouched, a mess of their bed. But Atsumu wasn’t done. He grunted, his thrusts growing sloppy, but still unrelenting. Kiyoomi whined in overstimulation. It felt so bad in the best way.

Atsumu came inside of Kiyoomi with his name on his lips. The first thing he said to Kiyoomi all day. When he was done, he pulled out, letting the cum ooze out of Kiyoomi. Kiyoomi dropped to the messy bed, boneless and happy. “I didn’t wanna fight. I wanted to fuck it out.”

More words from Atsumu. Kiyoomi rolled over to his back, reaching out to place a hand on his cheek. “We didn’t have to fight. But this—this was kind of hot,” smirked Kiyoomi. He didn’t realize he’d be into being used like that. A stress toy for Atsumu. “I wasn’t mad at ya.”

“Oh? Could have fooled me.” “I’m mad at Joffe. I think he’s got the hots for ya and I don’t like that. I don’t like sharin’,” Atsumu huffed, cheeks red. Kiyoomi sat up, kissing his nose. “It won’t happen again. My body is only for you. Just you,” whispered Kiyoomi.

A fire seemed to light in Atsumu’s eyes at that. Kiyoomi figured he could make his boyfriend feel even better. “Use me. All I am is for you. Whenever you please,” hummed Kiyoomi, kissing his cheek now. “Shit. Okay, yea. Gimme a sec for another round. That’s hot.”

Kiyoomi chuckled, moving to properly kiss his boyfriend now. Atsumu melted against him and Kiyoomi could feel a smile. That was better than before. “I love you, Atsumu. Just you.” “I love you too, Kiyoomi. Only you.” Perhaps talking about his jealousy could be for later. —END


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