Give me 60 seconds and I’ll show you how to focus better than 97% of people:

1. Create a plan • List your most important tasks • Create a to-do list • Schedule time to work The average person can’t focus because they “focus” on too many tasks.

2. Make scheduled work time sacred You sit down to focus… But you decide to check Twitter one last time... Then next thing you know, another 30 minutes has passed. And it’s 10x harder to get back into your flow. So, how do you avoid this?

When you start your work session, only do the work planned. • No eating • No scrolling Twitter • No checking emails or notifications Save these as a reward for after your work session. Use app blockers like Cold Turkey or Freedom if you struggle with this.

3. Use software Software are like digital tools. Use them to help you productivity: • Automation (Zapier) • To-do lists (Todoist) • App Blocker (Freedom) • Focus music (Brain Fm) • Calendar (Google Calendar) • Project management (Notion)

4. Work in solitude It can be useful to work with partners… But, it can also be distracting. If you’re stopping to chat every 15 minutes, you’ll never get into flow state. Work with a partner if it’s manageable, but chances are, you’re better off working alone.

5. Train your focus Like a muscle, focus takes reps to get stronger. If you can’t work for 2 hours, start with 30 minutes. Next deep work session, do 35 minutes. Gradually increase the time and in a few weeks you’ll be able to focus for longer periods.

6. Use timers Timers act as a mini deadline for your work session. When you know you have a limited time to get work done, you’ll focus better. Since you know your timer will go off, you won’t disrupt your flow state by checking the time. Timers = More done in less time.

Be flexible with your timer. You don’t have to stop right when it goes off. Flow state can be hard to get into, so don’t feel compelled to stop if you want to keep going. If you feel energized, keep going.

7. Recover You’re a human, not a robot. Intense focus eats up mental energy. So after your sessions, take some time to relax and recalibrate. Spend time with friends/family, go out, or watch Netflix (despite what hustle gurus say). Enjoy your life.

7 tips to get into deep work and focus better than 97% of people: 1. Create a plan 2. Make scheduled work time sacred 3. Use software 4. Work in solitude 5. Train your focus 6. Use timers 7. Recover

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