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How to move on from someone you still love:

Cut off contact: Many people hang on to the idea of friendship with an ex as a way of maturity..the real maturity is cutting them off!

Let go of the fantasy: most people don't want back the relationship they had. What they mourn for is the relationship they thought they could have had if things were different. But the truth is, that relationship didn't exist.

Know that it is okay to still love them: part of maturity is recognizing that love isn't always enough to make a relationship work.

Make peace with the past: forgiveness isn't about letting the person off the hook for his or her bad behavior; it is about your emotional freedom.

Love yourself more: believing that you deserve to be in a loving relationship with someone who shares your values and treats you well requires that you view yourself in a positive light.

Don't live in the past, it's a failed relationship not a failed life, move on, improve yourself, practive love language on yourself and watch how your best self unfolds❤️

There's someone out there who will love you better and treat you better..yes I believe that, you should too.

I hope this thread made sense to everyone that can't move on from a failed relationship..

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