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How to find $100,000/m winners with a $10 Investment I used this method to launch 5 stores at once above 1k$ per day each A Thread🧵 >>>

[1/12] Prerequisities: I first want to share this image as proof these methods work. This is 100% Google Search ads and I was able to get 5 stores above 1k$ days with my 6th store shy of 1k$ If you enjoy this thread, like and RT Let's get right into it!

[2/12] Keywords Everywhere: If you use Google Ads OR any other ad platform, You can utilize this $10 tool to be able to find upcoming products and identify current trends based off of search volume. I have successfully launched items on Google, TikTok etc. with this method.

[3/12] Critieria: I only will look for products that have 5,000+ Search volume per month, which are trending towards all-time high and the keyword must be specific. Some examples I can give on the top of my head include “Magnetic Screen Door” “Sticky Bra” & “ice roller for face”

[4/12] Specific Keywords: The definition of a specific keyword in my books, is when all of the shopping listings match one SKU. A Great example of a seasonal product with a specific keyword would be the “expandable garden hose” since all shopping listings match one SKU

[5/12] Trending Products: Trending Products will not last forever, they may be better for beginners or people looking to hit their first 6 figures per month. I would only recommend going after trending products if you realize its shorter-term and It will one day come to an end

[6/12] Seasonal Products: Seasonal products are also valid for beginners, it is one of the best ways to get started on Google Ads . The biggest Google Ads account I ever joined sells seasonal products, so it is still possible to make a lot of money with this approach.

[7/12] Evergreen Products: Evergreen products will last forever and these typically stay above 50,000/m search volume with consistent/steady growth over the years. Some products on google can last for years. if you are more experienced I recommend going after these products

[8/12] When to sell the product: Sell your product right when the keyword is starting to spike. If you are selling on search ads you need the keyword to be all-time high or approaching all-time high. For shopping ads, you can have more stable keywords with larger search volume

[9/12] How to Price Your Product: After testing 100+ Products on Google, I can safely say $16-60 works best for product pages and search ads. If you are utilizing funnels or using the shopping network you are able to sell more expensive products

[10/12] Laser-Focused Tests: You can gain further confirmation if you check the orders per day using a secondary tool called seller pulse. You can also use any adspy tools to see if people are actively running ads. If you are on a budget, use TikTok search to find competitors

[11/12] Launching Ads / Reading Data: I look for a minimum of 100 clicks per test. If the product is being tested on Google I would like to see 5-7% ATC Rate and 2-4% CVR for a product priced at $16-60 price range. ATC % and CVR % may change for higher-priced product tests.

[12/12] Thank you for reading this thread. Follow me if you want to see more Google Ads and Dropshipping tips Now quit Twitter and start working on your ecom business.

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