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0/ @chng_raymond @cloudxgmf @wassiecapital and I had a chat about game genre last week, and I also want to share some of my thoughts here: - Different genres require diff team capabilities - New experience within the same genre is the focus - Beware of the so-called "MMO"

1/ I always believe that crypto can only bring advantages in capital, time, and space, so that small game teams can start smoothly, but the product still has to face the traditional market.

2/ It's easy for teams to create a fancy pitch deck and website that hides all the flaws in pipeline and project management. So, in order to see if a game will be fun for mainstream users in 2~3 yrs, It's important to know the growth and potential opportunities in each genre.

3/ Different genres require diff team capabilities: Shooters tend to have higher technology standards. It focuses on the scene (cover/blind spots/conflict points), realistic patterns, and all the numbers about weapons (reload speed, recoil, recovery time, bullet penetration)...

4/ ...Shooters emphasize the information gap in space, which has low cognitive and high operational requirements for players.

5/ Instead, card / board games focus on balancing, decision tree, the ability of each unit and the joint effect, and cost / resource management. Cards emphasize strategic depth, which has high cognitive requirements and low operational requirements.

6/ In addition, shooters have a higher anti-cheating requirement because the more information about the opponent, the easier to win. APEX, Superpeople, and Escape from Tarkov all had serious cheating problems early on, which almost crushed them.

7/ This is just one example of how shooters and card games compare, explaining how different genres affect development and target users. So, I would be skeptical of a card / chess game led by a designer with only TPS/FPS background.

8/ New experience within the same genre is the focus: In order to stand out from the crowd, new games need to provide new experiences that are different from top projects that exist.

9/ For example, in the shooter category, PUBG has survival elements; Rainbow 6 has tactical action; and the hardcore EFT has realistic character / weapon building up.

10/ However, as a genre is constantly improved, it is difficult for designers to find a new breakthrough to produce the next big hit. The same is true of DOTA/MOBA games.

11/ Therefore, I still believe crypto's game economy is one of the keys to creating a new experience out of any other genre. After all, property ownership can greatly increase the importance of decision-making and achievement, enhancing either positive / negative feedback.

12/ Fully on-chain games might be another answer, but the mechanics still need to be explored. Nintendo's design philosophy - "lateral thinking" may help to make a game fun when graphics and operation are limited.

13/ Beware of so-called "Mmo" : There's multiplayer mode in many single-player games, but co-op is not the core gameplay, such as Genshin / Witcher /Elden Ring. Such games have higher requirements on graphics and easily become AAA, but lack dynamic numerical and economic design.

14/ A game cannot be considered an MMO if there's no open / semi-open economy and multi-role collaboration. Therefore, the team's data/economic design capabilities should be taken into consideration when a single-player game designer leads an MMO.

15/ In conclusion, we need to understand the pro and cons of each genre and accordingly examine games that are still being conceived. After all, although the Play to Earn model can bring a lot of attention to the space, the mainstream audience is what we need to win over.

16/ Last but not least, thanks to a friend from the traditional industry for giving me inspiration of the thread. Hope we can write together in the future.

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