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WordPress developers πŸ‘Ύ Here are the technical highlights of what's new in WordPress 6.1: 🧡

Render template files in block.json Developers, you can now specify a template file within block.json, rendering a dynamic block much like any other WordPress template file. 🀯 Learn more:

Use multiple scripts per block WordPress 6.1 adds support for registering multiple scripts (even shared scripts across blocks) within the block.json file.

Auto load block.json scripts Now, all styles and scripts registered within a block.json file are automatically loaded for both static, and dynamic blocks. ✨

Fluid typography in theme.json Instead of formulating calculations for type fluidity, add the min and max values to your theme's theme.json file and WordPress will do it for you. Learn more:

Spacing scale in theme.json Add a spatial scale in theme.json, to generate spacing CSS custom properties (variables) that can be used throughout the WordPress margin, padding and block gap UI controls.

Filter navigation block items You can now can access the navigation menu items of a block theme β€” same as you can for classic WordPress themes. Learn more:

Patterns for custom post types You can now create patterns and assign them to render only for specific custom post types.

Starter content for custom post types If a pattern has post type assigned, and `blockTypes` is set to`core/post-content` β€” it'll show up as an available pattern when adding a new post within the custom post type.

WordPress Style Engine Dig into this new, centralized API that generates and renders block styles. This alone will drive so many experience improvements across blocks, themes and plugins.

New preferences package A relatively straight-forward and centralized store for any preference data, built for plugins to leverage.

Block theme HTML element styling Theme authors can now style all headings in one go, apply button styles (including :hover, :focus, and :active states), and style captions + cite elements.

New filters for theme.json Plugins can now filter theme.json data, hooking into blocks, theme, user or default data. Learn more:

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