🔞bp son тете, father jk, incest, praising kink тете loves walking around the house without any panties, just a T-shirt barely covering his plump pussy. His mom doesn't let him do that, saying it's nasty, but luckily, his father doesn't really mind!

тете is his father's son - favoured and treated like a princess, always getting everything he wants. jk just loves his pretty son so much sometimes it hurts, he can't imagine one day тете's going to leave family house and start to live on his own.

It's not going to happen in the nearest future, though. тете's still just a silly boy who needs to be taken care of and be pampered all the time!

One day when jk comes home after work, he quickly notices that his baby boy is upset. тете usually runs up to the door to happily greet his father and get a quick peck, but this time he just murmurs, "hi, dad," and goes back to his room, not even looking at jk.

jk is all worried, after he saw the sadness on his boy's face. He asks his wife, hoping that she knows what happened, but she just shrugs his worries off. "He's just humorous, as always," тете's mother sighs, eyes locked on the vegetables she's chopping.

jk rolls his eyes. Sometimes he thinks that his wife isn't really concerned about their son. She's always been like that, though. Luckily, тете's got his loving father who's not going to ignore that something happened.

He walks straight to his son's room and knocks on the door, "may I come in, love?" "I want to be alone," murmurs тете, so quiet, jk almost doesn't hear him. "I know something happened," says jk, not wanting to draw away from the door. "Let's talk, baby."

тете doesn't say anything back at first but eventually, he agrees to let daddy in. When he opens the door, he doesn't look at jk, eyes locked on his bare feet. He then slowly walks back to his bed and jk follows him, looking at his son delicate, slim body.

тете's wearing only an oversized t-shirt that barely covers his ass cheeks and his long, tanned legs are fully visible, catching jk's eyes.

jk sits on the edge of the bed, full of pink, white and grey pillows. тете sits next to him, looking at his thighs. He starts rubbing them with hands, and jk knows it's because he's nervous about something. He knows his baby son too well.

"So... what happened, petal? Did someone upset you?" he asks gently. тете bites his lower lip for a second and finally nods. "Who?" "Mom," answers тете, pouting. "She said I'm nasty and act like a… slut," he whispers the last word, too shy to say it loud.

Pure shock flashes across jk's features, "what? Why would she ever call you that? Look at me, baby," he adds, then tilts тете's chin up with his hands and then cups his smooth cheeks.

"She said I shouldn't walk around the house without panties because it's gross, especially when you're around… but dad, I hate wearing panties! Does that mean I'm a slut?" тете asks, wrapping his fingers around his father's wrists.

"Of course not, silly," says jk, and then he gives his baby soft peck on the nose. "If that makes you comfortable, it's okay. You should wear panties in public, though. We don't want anyone to see your private parts, right?"

"I know!" тете giggles. "But when im at home... I don't like wearing anything but t-shirts. It's soooo comfortable..." "It's okay, baby. I know." "Will you talk to mom about that?"

"You know she's stubborn and there's nothing I can do to make her change her mind," sighs jk. His heart clenches when he sees sadness coming back on his baby's face. "But u know what? When you're with me, u don't have to worry. U can walk around the house wearing anything u want"

There's an excitement painting on тете's face. He's finally smiling, satisfied with what his daddy said. He stands on the bed and starts jumping, "you're the best, daddy! Thank you so much!"

jk, still sitting, looks at his baby - тете's boobs are bouncing under the soft, cotton material of a white t-shirt and his smooth, plump pussy showing up every second the t-shirt lifts a little bit. He's so pretty and sweet, so how could jk ever resist him?

How could he say "no" to his wonderful baby boy?

After that day, тете always wear only T-shirt when it's just him and his dad at home. тете's mom often goes out with her friends to grab a drink, go to a fitness class or go shopping so тете has a lot of time to walk around with a cotton fabric barely covering his fat ass cheeks.

"You look very delighted," comments jk, him standing by the kitchen counter, getting a glass of water. He glances at тете who's sitting on the counter, swinging his smooth legs that are hanging above the flooring. "Is this because you don't wear any panties?"

тете quickly nods his head, "yeah... this is the best feeling ever. Thank you, daddy, for letting me do this" "Anything for you, baby. Would you like some water?"

When тете nods again, jk gives him a glass of cold water. тете holds the glass with both his hands and when he lifts it up to his lips, somehow he pours the water all over his shirt. "Oh no, I'm so clumsy! How did I do that..."

"It's okay, it's just water" says jk, smiling at him. He is always so patient and never gets mad at his son, unlike his wife, who would have definitely shouted at their son because of the stupid accident.

тете looks at his white T-shirt - the fabric got wet and now it just sticks to his skin, his pink nipples shine through it and the round shape of his boobs is fully visible now.

"Should I change it or just let it dry?" he asks, looking at his dad. He grabs the cotton fabric with his fingers and draws it away from his tits, but when he lets go, the fabric sticks to the tits again. "Dad?"

He's still waiting for the answer as if his dad should take a decision for him, but jk is too stunned to speak, looking at his son's nipples. He swallows saliva, and stands in front of his baby. "I think you should get changed".

"Ohh... okay," says тете, a glimpse of a disappointment is visible on his face. A second later he smiles again. "Dad, could you just bring me a T-shirt from my room? I'll wait here"

If he was talking to his mom, she would get angry and tell him to do it himself, calling him a lazy brat. But with his daddy it's different, right? jk could never say no to him.

"Okay," says jk, nodding. "Take off your T-shirt, baby. We'll get you changed". тете quickly grabs the bottom of his T-shirt and lifts it up, his daddy helping him with that. His cunnie is hidden between his joined thighs, so jk can only see a plump, hairless pubis.

He then looks at flat yet soft tummy and then at his perfectly round boobs. тете's nipples are hard and sticking out.

jk wants to stroke them and see how тете wiggles because of the touch but instead he walks out of the kitchen and goes upstairs to get his baby another T-shirt.

Soon as he walks into the boy's room, he opens the closet and grabs the first T-shirt he sees - pink one, with cute frills around the sleeves and a kitty overprint on the chest.

"You're so quick!" says тете, excited to see his dad again. He's still sitting on the kitchen counter, swaying his legs. "My titties got cold," he adds when jk comes up to him. "Really?" asks his dad.

"Touch and see, daddy, they're so cold," chuckles тете, taking his dad's hand to place it on his right boob. "Woah, your hand is so warm! Can you warm me up a little bit?"

jk gently squeezes his son's boob, it's so firm yet so soft. He hangs the pink T-shirt over his arms so he can grab the other boob. "What's with this pout, baby?" he asks, noticing that тете looks upset again.

"My titties are so small that your hands can fully cover them..." he mumbles, looking down. "Oh honey... they are just the perfect size." "But mom's are bigger!"

jk squeezes his son's tits again, gently and slowly, and he strokes the left nipple with his thumb. As he expected before, тете giggles under his touch. "Your titties are still growing. However, you shouldn't compare yourself to anyone. You're pretty just the way you are, baby."

тете gasps at his father's words. His eyes are sparkling and plump lips are now curled into a sweet smile. "You really think I'm pretty?" he asks as if it's not completely obvious. He then moans softly, when he feels daddy's thumb stroking his nipple again. "It tickles..."

"So cute and sensitive," chuckles jk, admiring his pretty son, melting under his touch as he sits naked on the kitchen counter, letting daddy warm his squeezable tits.

тете whines when his dad finally takes his hands away and grabs a T-shirt to put it on the boy. "Let's get you dressed, hmm?"

Even though тете doesn't look contented with daddy's words, he lets him put the T-shirt anyway. jk's hands brush against the boy's skin, and when тете is already dressed, it turns out that the T-shirt is so small it ends just above his belly button!

"Ohh... I didn't realize it's so small," says jk, looking at his baby's naked thighs, plump pubis and a part of tummy that isn't covered with the pink material. The T-shirt is closely fitted, emphasizing тете's curves. "Want me to bring something else?"

"Why?" asks тете, looking at himself. "I like this top so much... Do I look bad in it?"

"Of course not, baby," jk shakes his head and places his hands on тете's thighs. He wants to spread them to have a full look on his baby's juicy cunt but instead he just gently strokes the thighs.

"You look beautiful in this top, stunning even, but aren't you be cold down here? Daddy's just worried about you"

"I'm not cold," pouts тете. "Just a little bit wet". jk's eyes popped when he heard the last word. He licks his bottom lip, looking at his baby who just placed hands on his arms. тете's still swaying his legs, touching jk's legs with his bare feet.

"Wet?" asks jk, his eyes now are narrowed, locked on his son's pretty face. "Where?" тете giggles quietly while pointing at his cunt hidden between closed legs. "There, daddy. But it's okay. I like when it's wet"

"Does it often get wet?" asks jk, starting to rubbing his son's thighs again with his hands. He moves a little bit closer to the inside. "Almost all the time, especially when I'm with daddy," responds тете. "Why? Is it bad?"

"Of course not, baby. I was just curious. Wanna watch some movies with dad?" "Sure, I'd love to!" says тете, already excited at the thought of spending more time together with his father.

"I'll prepare some snacks and you choose the movie, okay?" jk stands back, so his baby boy can jump off the kitchen counter and go to the living room. тете jumps down but before he walks away, he looks at the counter and makes a cute "ohh" sound.

At first, jk doesn't understand the meaning behind that sigh but then he notices a wet trace in the place when his son sat.

"Sorry... I'll clean this up" says тете, looking at his dad. Even though he isn't wearing any panties and his top ends just above the belly button, his pussy is still covered from jk's gaze, тете's legs are crossed.

"It's okay, I'll clean" says jk, smiling. тете smiles back and blows a kiss towards his dad, just before he turns around and runs to the living room. jk follows him with his eyes admiring boy's wobbling butt. He's sure it's as squeezable as his tits, just bigger to play with.

When тете disappears jk looks again at the wet trace on the kitchen counter. It's adorable for him, somehow - his cute baby drooling so much leaving juices anywhere he sits. He couldn't be mad at him. "Daddy! Quickly!" shouts тете soon after, already impatient. "coming, baby!"

jk walks into the living room, holding a tub of vanilla ice cream and two spoons. "We run out of popcorn" "It's okay, I like the ice cream better!" says тете happily, patting the place on the sofa just next to him. "Come here, daddy."

тете sits with his knees together, hiding his cunnie again. jk chuckles. 'What a tease,' he thinks, settling down just next to his baby. "Did you choose any movie?" "Yes! I want to watch Spider-Man!" "Anything for you, baby"

Soon as the movie starts, jk opens the tub of ice cream and gives тете a spoon. He holds the tub between his spread legs because it's just comfortable for him, and тете leans on him, resting head on dad's shoulder.

тете's so involved in the movie, he can't take his eyes off the screen. That's why sometimes when he reaches to the ice cream tub with his spoon, he misses the tub and pokes his dad's thigh. "Sorry, daddy," he giggles every time he does that but jk doesn't really mind.

"Oh no..." mutters тете, when ice cream slides down his spoon and fall on his tummy. He tries to collect it with fingers but ice cream is melting already and тете feels creamy substance running down his pussy.

He squeezes his legs not to let the ice cream go further but he thinks it's too late! "We have to wipe it or else your pussy will be sticky," says jk softly, putting the ice cream tub on the coffee table. He pauses the movie, too.

"Are you not mad at me?" asks тете, pouting just like he always does as if he knows it's gonna make his dad so whipped and unable to say anything bad to him. "Because I'm so clumsy...?" "Of course not, angel. Just wait here and I'll get some wet wipes, okay?" "M'kay."

jk kisses his baby's forehead just before he quickly walks out of the living room. He comes back just as quick and sits next to тете. "Do you want me to wipe you or you'd rather do it yourself?"

"Wipe me, daddy," asks тете, looking at his dirty tummy. He lifted his top slightly so the material doesn't touch the melted ice cream.

"Okay," says jk, reaching his baby's tummy. He cleans the mess, getting slowly lower and lower. He can feel тете's plump pubis, it's so fat and squishy, he can't stop himself from pressing on it little bit harder than needed. "You have to open your for me legs, baby."

тете does it immediately, spreading his thighs so his dad can see if the pussy got dirty. "Should I turn to you so you have a better look, daddy?"

"It will be easier," agrees jk, nodding. He pulls his hand away and тете turns around, facing him. Now his back is resting on the backrest of the sofa, his legs spread wide and knees bent to let his dad sit closer.

jk looks on тете's fully displayed pussy - his pink lips look so yummy and sweet. It shines because of the slick, baby's drooling all over again, slowly wetting the couch.

The view is so mesmerizing, jk doesn't do anything for a moment, simply admiring тете's cunt. "Let's get you clean, baby" he growls eventually, cleaning the rest of the mess. He doesn't wipe тете's slick, knowing that his baby will get wet again just in a matter of a few minutes.

"Are you sure you wiped me properly?" asks тете, looking at his pussy with curiosity on his face. He decides to spread his lips with fingers, "Take a closer look daddy, did ice cream flow into my cunnie?"

jk doesn't think so but if his baby wants him to check, he's not going to refuse. He leans forward so his face is just between тете's legs, only seven or eight inches away from drooling pussy.

He wipes it gently as тете still holds his pussy lips spread wide open. "Now it's all clean, baby. Just wet from your juices".

"Thank you, daddy" says тете, and when jk leans back again, he asks, "can we hug while watching the rest of the movie?" "Of course. You don't need to ask such questions," snorts jk. "Daddy will give you cuddles anytime you want"

He sees the smirk on his baby's face. It means something, for sure. тете's just got an idea. "Can I sit on your lap?" "Of course, baby. Come here"

"Do you want me to wear panties so I won't wet you?" тете asks cutely, blinking watery eyes of his. Then he sticks the tip of his tongue out, leaving shiny saliva on his lips.

"I don't mind, baby. Just come here. We don't have much time until mom comes back and you know she won't like your outfit"

тете looks like he just got reminded his mother exists. He looks so devastated, knowing that in an hour or so he has to change his clothes and "behave". He's a good boy, though, and he doesn't really know why his mom is always mad at him.

He sits sideways on his father's lap, his arm around the elder's neck and daddy's arms around his waist. He rests his head on daddy's shoulder as they finally play the movie again.

тете feels so good, so safe in these arms he's can't imagine one day he will have to move out and start living on his own. He's sure his mom can't wait until this moment will finally happen.

The thought of it makes him sad. He buries his face in daddy's neck, hugging him tighter and when it doesn't help, he decides to sit in a different way, straddling his dad who quickly noticed something happened. "What's going on, baby?"

"Nothing... just… nothing" murmurs тете. "Can you just rub my back for a little bit?"

jk hand immediately lands between his son's shoulder blades. Fingers gently going up to the nape and then go down to his naked loins. "Just a little bit lower, please," murmurs тете, his hot breath tickles daddy's neck. "My butt feels cold," he adds, almost begging to be touched.

"Told you, baby," chuckles jk grabbing his baby's ass. It is so squishy, so soft. He has already fallen in love with it and he's only been playing for a moment. тете's boobs are now pressed to the muscular chest of his father and pussy pressing on genitals hidden in jk's pants.

jk wonders if his baby boy is able to wet his pants just enough for him to feel it on his cock. "Do you feel warmer now?"

"Yes but please don't stop," murmurs тете, wiggling his ass. He's such a little tease, moving his hips very slowly as if he doesn't want daddy to notice that he started rubbing his cunnie on elder's crotch. "I'm still cold"

jk smirks, "maybe we should get you dressed, then, hmm?" "No!" тете leans back to see his father's face. He furrows and wrinkles his nose. "There's no need for me to get dressed if I have you who can keep me warm, daddy."

Don't be mad, princess. You know that daddy's only joking," says jk, squeezing his boy's butt so much he moans suddenly, his eyes wide open just as his pretty lips. "Was it too much for you, hmm?" He shakes his head, "no! тете feels better now, daddy. I'm so glad I have you"

"I'm glad I have you, too. My precious baby. But didn't you want to watch a movie?" "I did but... I dunno... I think I'm no longer in the mood." "It's okay, we can just cuddle and I'll keep you warm."

"You're the best for me, daddy," says тете, smiling cutely. He looks down at his pussy as he moves his hips again back and front. "Sorry, daddy, my cunnie tingles a little bit... do you mind if I...?"

"Do anything you want, baby," jk encourages him, still playing with his bubbly butt. "Maybe try a little bit faster. Would you like me to show you how?"

Just when тете nods, jk grabs his hips firmly and starts to rotate them in a circular motion. He feels his son's cunt pressing more and more on his dick. тете must feel it too because his eyes get wider again. "Daddy! There's something hard in your pants, is everything okay?"

jk gaspes, nodding his head. "Daddy's cock is just getting hard because of you." "Because of me?" asks тете, pointing a finger at himself. "How so?" "You're riding it with your wet pussy, silly. How can I not get hard?"

"Do you want me to stop...?" тете asks another question, confused and shy all of a sudden. "I want anything you want, baby," says jk, moving his hands from his baby's butt to his smooth thighs. "But unfortunately I think mom's gonna come back soon so you should get dressed."

His heart clenches when he sees sadness coming back to his son's face. "We can continue another time," he says, trying to cheer him up. "Okay... can you carry me to my room? I'm too tired to walk on my own."

"Of course, baby." He lifts him up, pressing his fingers to the soft flesh of his baby's thighs. He carries him all the way to тете's room and gently puts him on the bed. "Oh nooo, I wet your pants!" says тете, looking at his dad's crotch. There's a stain on it. "I'm so sorry!"

"I told you it's okay. I'm not mad. It's not your fault your pussy drools all the time." тете wants to say something, his hand slowly moving to his cunnie but then he hears the sound of the front door opening and then his mom's voice, "boys, I'm home!"

"I'll go downstairs to greet your mom and you get dressed, hmm?" jk says, placing his hand on his baby's head. He softly pats him. "Join us when you get changed, if you want, of course."

"I'll think of it," says тете. When his dad is just about to turn around and walk away, he quickly asks, "can I get a kiss? On the lips?"

It's not even a question when jk always says yes, no matter what his precious wants to get. He leans forward and give him a peck. "Not like that..." says тете, he sounds so desperate as if he's about to cry.

jk smirks, placing his hand on son's cheek. "Then how should I kiss you, baby?" "With a tongue, daddy. I want a proper kiss"

Even though jk doesn't make a move for a moment, he doesn't hesitate either. He just wants to see more desperation in his baby's eyes, more neediness. When тете starts whining and moaning, he finally leans forward.

He starts with soft kisses against тете's mouth, pulling back every time his baby wants to deepen the kiss. Then he lengthens each kiss, some of them harder and some of them just a swipe of tongue against тете's.

He hears a soft moan when he slides his tongue into his baby's mouth and strokes, wheedling him to open to him which тете does without any hesitation, of course. jk's hands are placed on тете's cheeks and тете's hands are clenching on daddy's black shirt.

"Good boy," whispers jk when he pulls away from the kiss before it gets too passionate. "I hope you'll come down to us," he says and before he eventually walks out of his son's room, he lightly slaps his hairless pussy.

"Don't forget to dress up, hmm? When mom's around, daddy can't keep you warm and we don't want your cunnie to get cold, right?"

"Right, daddy" repeats тете, nodding his head. His lips are all smeared with saliva, a little bit swollen after the kiss. He licks the bottom lip, watching his dad walking away.

тете shows up downstairs an hour later, when his mom calls him for a dinner. He's fully dressed now - wearing the same top as before and a pair of loose shorts. He doesn't wear any panties but no one has to know.

"What's up with this top?" his mom asks, making a disgusted face as she notices him. "Go back to your room and put a bra, your nipples are sticking out, for fuck's sake"

"I don't like wearing a bra," murmurs тете, already regretting coming downstairs. He looks at his dad who's now sitting at the set table. "What's the big deal anyways, mom?"

"Go get dressed properly," his mom insists. "Dad!" "Go!" woman shouts, clenching her teeth.

тете still looks at his dad who doesn't say anything. He feels frustrated and betrayed in some way. He feels like crying but before any tear can slide down his cheek, his father finally speaks up for him, "have a sit, baby, you must be hungry."

"jk!" "Stop shouting, Jieun. He doesn't need to wear a bra in his own house. Can we have just a nice, quiet evening for once?"

"You pamper him too much, jk, and he's just spoilt," says тете's mom but eventually she just sighs and adds, "have a sit, тете."

тете sits next to his dad and in front of his mom, happy and satisfied. Wearing a bra it's not that uncomfortable to him like wearing panties is but he still doesn't like it. He doesn't understand why his mom is so pressed, getting mad at him for such silly things.

"So... how was school today?" asks his mom when he silently eats his noodles. "Any new grades?" "No," тете shakes his head. "Have you done your homework already?" "Yes." "Want me to check it?"

"Okay, I haven't done it yet," he sighs, rolling his eyes. "I'll do it just before going to bed" His mom doesn't look very pleased right now, he can tell she's mad again. "So what have you been doing all these hours when I wasn't home?"

"Pretty much nothing," тете murmurs, shrugging. He doesn't have to or even doesn't want to say what him and dad were doing.

"Our son is very smart and I'm sure he doesn't have to study all the time," says jk and тете just melts because of his kind words. He loves to be praised by him. Being all happy and contended, he puts hand under the table and puts it on dad's thigh.

He smiles, when he feels his dad's hand is reaching his. He then looks at his mom, while placing dad's hand on his own thigh. "Actually… I need some help with Maths. Can you help me, mom?" "Me? You know that I hate Maths," says тете's mom. "jk, can you help him after dinner?"

"Of course," answers jk. he rubs тете's thigh, guided by his baby's hand. He can feel the smoothness of a bare, soft skin. He plays with тете's thigh all the dinner.

After the dinner тете goes to his room, excited that him and dad will spend more time together. jk joins him soon after but before they start doing homework, тете says, "I'll take a bath first. Can you wait for me, daddy?" "Of course, baby. I'll have a look on your worksheets."

тете kisses him quickly on the cheek, before going to his own bathroom. jk wanders around his baby's bedroom, looking at his funko pop figures and plushies. Then he sits down at desk to look at worksheets.

He isn't sure if тете really needs his help, could it be that he just wanted to spend more time with him? 'Cute,' he thinks. "Daddy! I forgot to take the fresh towel! Could you bring it to me? It lays on my bed" jk looks at тете's bed quickly noticing the said towel. He smirks.

"Coming in," he says, opening the door. It's not that тете's going to cover himself anyway. тете now is standing straight in a bathtub, all naked and wet. there's some foam on his body, he looks so georgous and cute. jk walks up to him to pass him the towel.

"Thank you, daddy. I was in a hurry, that's why I forgot to take it," says тете, wrapping the towel around his slim body. "It's alright, baby. Now quickly get dressed and join me, hmm?" "Of course, daddy!"

тете spends few more minutes in the bathroom, brushing his teeth. When he walks into bedroom, he's dressed in strawberry pattern pajamas... well, just in short-sleeved shirt, actually, no pants nor panties. The fabric doesn't cover his pussy and there's still some foam on it.

"Oh, baby... You didn't dry yourself off properly," says jk, still looking at his boy's pussy. "Come here with the towel, I'll help you".

тете listens to him immediately, grabs the towel and then goes to his dad with a disarming smile on his face. His father sits on a chair and he stands between his legs, waiting for daddy to wipe the foam off. jk does it very gently, slowly rubbing his chubby cunt.

"See? Now it's all clean, baby. This is how you do it," says jk when he's done. тете looks down to see his cunnie. He grabs the lips with his fingers and spread them to see if the foam is still there. It's clean now. "Thank you, daddy!"

"Let's do your homework, hmm?" suggests jk and тете nods. "Oh... we forgot to bring the second chair," notices тете. "Can I sit on your lap then?"

His face looks so satisfied when dad pats his lap as an invitation. He quickly sits on it, back to jk, and lets a quiet sigh when he feels dad's arm wrapping around his waist.

It takes only a few minutes for jk to be sure that his baby doesn't need help with doing Maths. He can solve every problem on his own, he just needs someone to tell him he's doing great and that's what jk does. "Good job, baby," he repeats after checking every exercise.

"My baby is so smart," he says, gently rubbing тете's tummy with a thumb. It is not clear when his hand slipped under the fabric. "Am I?" asks тете, so flattered and happy. He bounces on daddy's lap, giggling out of joy. "Of course. So smart and well-behaved," ensures jk.

"I love it when you say that, daddy," whispers тете. "I want you to feel proud of me and I want to be a good boy!" "You are, baby, and daddy's so proud of you he can't even express that. I'll keep repeating these words because it's what you deserve. Getting praise from daddy."

Soon after they are finished with doing homework and it's time for тете to get to bed. Even though the bed is really close, he still wants his daddy to carry him there and of course jk can't refuse such wish.

He places one arm around тете's back and the other arm around the bend in his knees. тете places his arms around dad's shoulders and pulls closer once his dad lifts him, nuzzling into his neck. He decides to give him a few little kitty licks.

"What was that for?" wonders jk aloud, slowly leaning forward to put his baby in the bed. "You're so clingy today, aren't you, baby?" "Just felt like doing it," answers тете, letting the elder cover him with a duvet. "I love you so much, daddy"

"Daddy loves you too, sweetheart," says jk. "Do you want a goodnight kiss?" тете nods as soon as he hears the question. "Just a peck or a proper one, just like we kissed before?" "A proper one!" тете chooses without any hesitation. "You liked it that much?" teases jk, smirking.

тете nods again. "It felt so good, daddy. You and mom kiss like that?" "Not often," says jk, sitting on the edge of his baby's bed. "Why?" "Don't know. Your mom doesn't feel like kissing me, she's too busy or tired most of the time."

"You can kiss me anytime, daddy. I'm never too tired," says тете proudly, as he wants to show he's a good boy. "Okay, baby. I'll kiss you now." jk leans forward and places his hand on тете's warm cheek.

He starts very gently, licking his bottom lip, nipping lightly at it before the tip of his tongue touches the seam of his son's lips. When he finally slides inside тете's needy mouth, he lets out a raspy groan.

Even though he's sure тете haven't kissed before, his baby boy is doing just fine, their tongues engaging now in a sensual slow dance. When they break away jk feels like he was in a trance where his world had shrunk just to the two of them.

He looks at тете's glossy lips and decides to touch the bottom lip with a thumb. As soon as he does it, his son gives him a kitty lick. "Sleep tight, baby boy." тете's still not satisfied so before his dad stands up, he stops him. "Daddy, I have a question". "Yeah?"

"Are pussy lips called lips because you can kiss them as well?" It leaves jk speechless, actually. He didn't expect to hear such question from his baby. He takes a deeper breath and тете's still waiting for the answer with curiosity in his eyes.

He finally nods, smiling. тете slowly uncovers himself, showing his cunt as he spreads his legs. "Then can you kiss my pussy goodnight, too?" jk's eyes are already locked on the plump cunt. Without sayin anything, he leans forward to give his baby boy what he wanted - a kiss.

While holding тете's thighs, he begins planting soft kisses along his pussy lips. His cunt smells so fresh he wants to lick it, but he decides not to and sticks up to slow pecks, admiring softness of тете's pussy.

тете moans quietly, absorbed in the feeling on his daddy's mouth gently pressing to his cunnie. He loves it so much he pouts the second the elder pulls away, even though it lasted quite a long time. Apparently not long enough for him.

"Sleep tight, princess," says jk, lightly patting the pussy he just kissed. He then covers тете again and leaves a kiss on his forehead. "Goodnight" "Goodnight, daddy," repeats тете. He's wet again and he's sure daddy knows it, too.

The next morning тете doesn't want to get out of bed but his mom insists, not letting him sleep any minute more. He quickly gets dressed and eats breakfast, playing with his phone. His dad is already at work, he must have left just before тете went downstairs.

He hates it that it's always his mom who drives him to school, not dad. Then he reminds himself that today it's tuesday and on tuesdays daddy always picks him up from school. He's already excited and can't wait to see him again.

As if out of spite time passes so slow, every minute feels like an hour or even longer. тете is so exhausted he needs a nap as soon as possible but when he walks out of the school building and notices hid dad's car, he starts running, lightened up. "Daddy!"

He got in the car and quickly kissed dad's cheek. "Finally..." he sighs. "It felt like I spent there at least a hundred years." "I assume you don't want to talk about school now, right?" asks jk, starting the vehicle. "Not at all." "You hungry? Wanna eat out?" "Yes, daddy!"

jk just pulls out of a parking lot, one hand on a steering wheel and one resting on gear stick. тете looks at the other hand, biting on his bottom lip. His gaze goes up to his dad's face when he's asked if he's wearing panties.

"Of course, daddy," says тете and at the same time he lifts his pleated plaid skirt to show off his white panties with a pink heart in the center. "You see? I'm a good boy"

"Very good," agrees jk, taking one more look at his baby's panties. He sees the smirk on тете's face and he knows exactly what it means. "You want to ask me a question, am I right?"

тете nods, happy that his dad knows him well. "Can I take them off now? I know you said I should wear panties in public but I just can't wait any longer. And no one will notice anyway, because I'm wearing a skirt, right?"

jk pretends he needs some time to think, and тете is so impatient he starts fidgeting and whining. jk lets out a sigh, "okay, baby. Take them off. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable"

With a satisfied smile on his face, тете lifts his skirt again and quickly slips his panties off. Once the panties are in his hand, he looks around, not knowing where to put them. "Give me them, baby. I'll just put your panties in my pocket."

тете does what he is told to without a second thought. He catches his lower lip between his teeth for a second, "sorry it's wet". jk clasps his son's underwear in his hand, the fabric is so soaked with тете's juices he can squeeze it and make the droplets trickle down his hand.

"It's okay, baby," jk reassures him, while putting wet panties in his pocket. "You feelin' better now?"  "Yeah, a lot better," admits тете, a wide smile appears on his face. He doesn't even bother to let his skirt down, so it's still hitched up and his pussy on display.

jk glances at тете from time to time, especially when they are waiting for the lights to change. Sometimes he looks at his face and sometimes at his cunt, wondering if it could wet the seat. He wouldn't mind.

When jk stops the car at the parking lot just in front of a restaurant, тете asks, "do I have to wear panties?" "Do you want to, baby?" "No..." тете slowly shakes his head. "Just fix your skirt, then. I would be sad if someone other than me saw your drooling pussy"

"You don't have to worry, daddy. I'll behave," promises тете, putting his skirt down. He's such a good boy, always doing exactly what he's told. He knows that daddy's proud of him but he still wants to hear it, over and over again. He will never be tired of it.

Unfortunately, he has to wait almost an hour to finally get a praise. It happens when they go back to the car, after having a nice meal. Daddy haven't touched him all this time so тете is all whiny. "You behaved so well, baby. Finished up the whole plate," says jk with a grin.

As soon as тете gets the praise, he smiles again. "I think I wet the chair, though. Just a little bit," he says.

"Really?" asks his dad, one eyebrow raised. His hand goes under тете's skirt and touches his cunt to check himself. "No wonder you don't like wearing panties. You drool all the time, baby". Then he shows him his fingers, they are glistening with slick. "See?"

"It's because I'm spending time with you," explains тете. He sticks the tip of his tongue out for a few seconds then licks his bottom lip. "I told you my cunnie's wet especially when daddy's around..." "You like spending time with daddy that much?" тете nods energetically.

Once they reach home, тете asks his dad if they can continue watching the movie from yesterday. When the elder agrees, he decides to quickly go to his room and get dressed. He comes down, wearing white frilly knee socks and a pink T-shirt with a teddy bear print.

This time, the T-shirt covers his pussy but jk is more than sure his baby isn't wearing anything underneath. He pats his lap, already waiting on a couch. "Come here, petal" "No ice cream today?" asks тете, pouting. He stands between dad's knees, touching them lightly.

"I'm afraid we don't have any ice cream left, baby" says jk, feeling sorry. He sighs. "Okay, daddy's will check, just wait here."

The elder stands up and goes to the kitchen and a moment later he comes back with a vanilla popsicle, "found one, baby." He raises his eyebrow, noticing тете's hand rubbing his cunt.

"Oh, sorry, daddy," says тете, quickly pulling the hand away. "My cunnie tingles and I wanted it to stop" "I see..." jk smirks, sitting next to his son. He opens the popsicle and puts a wrapper in his pocket. "Don't mind me. If it tingles, just do want you need to do."

With a wide smile on his face, тете touches himself again, slowly massaging his cunt.

He leans on his dad and licks the popsicle his dad's holding, even though he still has one open hand. jk keeps a close eye on him, тете's tongue working along the vanilla-flavored popsicle and slim fingers rubbing on his dripping pussy.

"What?" тете giggles. "Why are you looking at me like that, daddy?" "Nothing," jk shrugs his shoulders. "Are you feeling better?" "Just a teeny bit," says тете. "Can I still sit on your lap, though?"

His dad's answer is rather obvious so тете climbs on jk's lap the next second, pressing his back to dad's muscular chest. He passes him the TV remote and then spread his legs to continue playing with his pussy.

Once jk plays the movie, he wraps his arm around тете's waist and gets the popsicle closer to his lips so тете can lick it again... or just wrap his mouth around the tip to suck on it.

jk's breath gets heavier and his cock starts to twitch, when he watches тете sucking on the popsicle while still rubbing his cunt.

тете's so slow the popsicle starts to melt and drip down his dad's fingers. When he notices it, without thinking, he just licks it off, catching all the drips with his got, wet tongue. "Sorry," he says, still facing the elder. "It always melts too quickly"

"It's okay. You rather play with the popsicle than actually eat it, hm?" "How did you know?" тете giggles nodding his head. It's uncomfortable for him to sit backwards to his dad, with his head turned to the elder, so he decides to change the position just like he did yesterday.

The movie is already playing but he doesn't care. He places both of his hands on dad's shoulders and opens his mouth, waiting for the popsicle. jk gives it to him a few seconds later, watching the popsicle disappear in the hot cavern.

"Does it taste good, baby?" "Mhmm, good" purrs тете, his mouth is still full as he tries to take the whole popsicle at once. Once he pulls his head back, the mix of saliva and ice cream drips down his chin. He tries to lick it off but he can't reach that far.

"You need daddy's help?" asks jk, raising his eyebrow. He waits for the nod and then leans forward to lick his baby's chin, going from the edge of it to the lips. "You were right, baby. It tastes delicious." Obviously, he's not talking only about the ice cream.

тете starts licking the popsicle again, letting out soft moans. His tongue goes along the lenght, from the top to the very bottom and sometimes it goes even lower, licking daddy's fingers. Once he finishes, he looks down, parting his lips. "Daddy, I think you got hard again"

"You're right, baby," mutters jk. His hands now are placed on тете's bare ass cheeks, squeezing them. "Does it hurt?" asks тете. "A little, yeah" "Will it help if you pulled it out?" "Pulled out what?" asks jk, teasing him.

"Your cock, daddy," answers тете, putting his hand on daddy's bulge. He can feel it's hard and huge. "It might help," agrees jk, nodding. "My pants are too tight now." "Then just take it out, daddy," suggests тете. "I don't want you to feel bad."

"Thank you, baby," says jk, unzipping his pants. He then slips his hand into boxers and pulls his erected cock out, smiling when he sees curiously and excitement on тете's face. "What?"

"It's even bigger than I imagined," тете blurts out. "And it's sticking out! Can I touch it? I just wonder how it feels..." "Go on, baby," jk encourages him and it takes only a moment for тете to wrap his fingers around a pulsing shaft. "So how does it feel? You like it?"

He can read his son's face yet he still insists on hearing it aloud. "I like it," confesses тете, still looking at the cock he's touching. When he squeezes the shaft gently between his fingers, it feels squishy and yielding, like a soft rubber.

"If you press your fingers against a vein, you'll feel daddy's heartbeat." тете's eyes go wide, his lips forming a plump circle. "Really? I want to feel daddy's heartbeat!" Saying so, he does what his father has suggested, "woah! I can really feel it!"

His cunnie's so close he almost touches daddy's cock with it. "Can I play with it a little longer?" "You wanna play with my cock, baby?" snorts jk, his hands squeezing тете's ass cheeks again. "Yeah! Can I? Please," he begs, making a cute face.

"Anything you want, baby," says the elder with a smirk. "May I suggest how you play it?" he asks and тете quickly nods, bouncing with an excitement. "Rub your hand all the way up and then go down, you can squeeze it a little bit but not too hard".

тете understands the task very well. He moves his hands up to the tip and down, his fingers wrapped tight around the throbbing cock. "Just like that, daddy? Am I doing good?"

"You're doing excellent, princess" jk praises him and lets out a sigh of pleasure. "It's even funnier to play with when you have lube." "A lube? What's that?"

"A slicky substance," says jk. "Do you have it, daddy?"asks тете, his hands still going slowly up and down. He makes a pout when his father shakes his head but just a few seconds later he smiles again,"maybe we could use my juices instead?" "Could we, baby? It depends on you."

Without a hesitation, тете touches himself, collecting as much slick as he could. Then he smears his dad's cock with it, his fingers already slipping easier than before. "We need some more," he decides but before his hand reaches his pussy again, a new idea comes to him.

He bite's his lower lip, slowly moving his hips and when his cunt touches his dad's cock, he hears the elder's groan. "Is everything alright, daddy?"

"More than alright, baby," assures jk, squeezing тете's ass cheeks and then pulling him closer to feel his pussy better. He loves its wetness as if his baby's cunt never gets dry. "Cover your daddy's cock with your juices, baby. Just like that. Good boy".

When jk's cock already shining with slick smeared all over it, тете moves back slightly, to comfortably play with his new toy. It brings him so much joy, especially when he hears daddy's sighs and groans. "Does mom play with your cock, too?"

"Not really," confesses jk. "Why not?! She doesn't like it? But it's so amazing to play with, daddy! I wanna play it all day!" he almost shouts, adding emphasis on two last words.

"I won't stop you, baby" chuckles jk, his hand goes to тете's head to slowly pat it. "But I'm sure I won't hold on that long." "Are holding on? I don't understand..." says тете, blinking.

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"Do you like surprises, baby?" asks jk, narrowing his eyes. "Yes, daddy! Do you have a surprise for me?" He nods his head. "If you play with daddy's cock long enough, something's gonna shoot off it."

тете is so excited he starts to giggle. He decides to stand up and then he kneels on the floor, just between daddy's legs. Sticking the tip of his tongue out, he grabs daddy's cock with both hands — one is going up and down, and the other one rubbing the tip.

From time to time he looks up to see the pleasure on the elder's face and also to check if he's doing good. His dad doesn't forget to praise him,"You're amazing, baby boy. Daddy's so proud of you" He moves his hands faster, listening to the elder's groans.

"Can you take off your T-shirt?," asks jk, his voice became deeper and harsher. "Daddy doesn't want to get your clothes dirty"

Not knowing what does that mean, тете obeys and quickly gets undressed, throwing his T-shirt on a couch. He's completely naked, his tits are bouncing while he continues to play with the throbbing cock.

It takes only a few moments until his dad gasps deeply and a load of warm, whitish liquid spurts on his boobs.

"What is this, daddy?" asks тете, looking at his tits and a twitching cock, some droplets dripping down the shaft and his fingers still wrapped around the cock. "It looks like milk"

"It's daddy's cum," explains jk, his hand lands on his baby's hand. "It comes out of daddy's cock every time he's happy and satisfied"

тете feels the cum spattered on his boobs and somehow it feels so nice. He smiles with joy and even more excitement. "Am I the one who made you happy and satisfied, daddy?"

"Of course it's you, who else?" asks his dad, leaning forward to give him a sloppy kiss. "You did a great job, baby." тете looks at his fingers that are also covered with cum, his eyes are full of curiosity. "I wonder how does it taste..."

"It's a little bit salty," answers jk. "Why don't you have a taste and check yourself, hmm?"

These words are enough to make тете lick the cum up from his fingers. He sucks on them, putting fingers as deep as he can in his mouth. "You were right, daddy. It's kinda salty but it tastes delicious!" he admits excitedly. "Can I have more? I want more daddy's cum!"

"You know I won't say no to you, princess" says jk, collecting the sperm with his fingers. Then he just lets his son suck on his fingers, staring at him with a smile full of satisfaction. "If you want more, there's some on your titties, baby. Can you reach it?"

When he pulls away, his two fingers now covered with only his son's saliva, тете lets out a moan and grabs his boob. Luckily, тете manages to lick almost all the cum. Judging by the sounds of pleasure he makes, he really loves the taste.

"Why don't we go to a bathroom and wash you now, baby?" suggests jk, pulling his pants up and unzipping them. When he does that, тете pouts, "no more playing?" "Dad will let you play with his cock again, I promise." jk smirks, hearing a sound of relief. "You liked it that much?"

"I told you! And I like it even more when I know it makes you happy, daddy." "My good boy," jk praises him again and leans forward to give him one more kiss. "Okay, now let's get you cleaned."

When тете stands up, his dad takes his hand and leads him upstairs to his bathroom. He sits him on the countertop wash basin, jk standing between his spread knees. Then, he turns on a sink and slowly washes his son's boobs, taking more time than needed.

Soft moans escape тете's mouth, his head tilted back and eyes shut, as his dad continues massaging his boobs, rubbing the soap into the skin. jk doesn't forget to stroke sensitive nipples every now and then, what makes тете moan even more.

"Should I clean your pussy as well, sweetheart?" asks jk, his hand slowly going down. тете nods, spreading his legs even wider. He's so flexible. jk looks at him in awe, "so pretty" "Daddy..." moans тете, when jk strokes his clit. "It feels... " "How, baby? Tell me"

"M'good... Better than I do it myself," confesses тете, his thighs start to tremble. "Want me to play with your pussy?" asks jk. He pulls his hand away and тете whines the second the does it. "I need you to tell me you want it, baby."

"Please," тете starts begging, wrapping his fingers around dad's wrist so he can pull his hand to his cunt again. "тете needs it, daddy, please, play with тете's cunnie, it tingles again-n..."

jk didn't even plan to say 'no', he just wanted to hear how desperate is his baby. With a grin full of satisfaction he starts to running his fingers up and down тете's clit, staring at his soaking, wet cunt lips. "Does it feel good, baby?"

The answer is rather obvious, judging by the sounds тете keeps making. His father fingers are rubbing him in slow and gentle circles at first but then jk speeds up, тете's cunt is so slippery and noisy.

"M-more, daddy! Feels good, awhh," moans his son, he's not even trying to hold himself and be quieter.

jk doesn't intend to stop until тете cums, he wants to see his slim body shaking, he wants to hear more moans or screams even, he wants to show him how good he can treat him. "Give me a kiss, baby," he whispers, leaning forward.

тете obeys, moaning straight into his dad's greedy mouth. "Daddy... I-I need to pee..." "Don't hold yourself back, baby. It's okay," jk reassures him.

When тете lets out a shrill cry as he comes, he squirts a bit, the clear liquid streaming out of his cunt and onto the countertop. There are tears of pleasure glistening in his eyes and when they run down his cheeks, the elder kisses them all away.

тете's body is still shaking, he looks so exhausted he doesn't even notice when dad washes him and carries to bedroom. He is half asleep, when dad dresses him up, leaving soft kisses on his skin from time to time. He kisses his breasts just before putting a tshirt on him.

"Don't leave, daddy," murmurs тете just when jk is about to walk away. jk stops immediately, not wanting to upset his baby.  "Want me to cuddle with you while you sleep, hmm?"

тете nods, so jk lays down next go him, wrapping arms around his delicate body. It feels so warm and safe, тете lets out a sound of relief. "Daddy...?" "Yeah?" "Why do I feel tired?"

"Hmm," jk pretends to think about even though the answer is rather obvious to him. "I guess it's because you've just had your first orgasm, baby. You're still very young and sensitive." "It felt so good, daddy" confesses тете, his eyes are closed and there's a smile on his face.

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тете feels disappointed when he wakes up later that day and it turns out his dad isn't around. He finds him in the living room, watching TV with his mom what makes him jealous. jk makes it up for him a few hours later, when he stops by his room to give him goodnight kisses.

тете doesn't even have to ask his daddy to kiss his pussy, because the elder knows exactly what his baby needs. "No panties as always," he chuckles, looking under the duvet. "Daddy wants to kiss your wet cunt with tongue, can I?"

"Please," тете almost begs for it, spreading his legs as wide as he can. "But you have to be quiet, okay? We don't want mom to hear your moans, right?"

"Right," he repeats, looking at his dad who finally leans forward to kiss his cunt. He starts tenderly, with the tiniest lick straight over тете's exposed clit.

The gasp escapes boy's mouth and the elder takes thas as permission to wrap his lips around his baby's clit, suckling it gently, running his tongue over it.

The feeling gives тете shivers of pleasure running up his spine. The way his dad kisses, licks and sucks on his clit as jk's fingers slowly run along his inner and outer lips make тете moan.

He knows he has to be quiet but it's so hard to not make a sound he has to cover his lips with a hand.

"Daddy..." he murmurs, as daddy's fingers and tongue move just right, and soon enough тете feels dad spreading his puffy, wet lips just before he drags his tongue up, from his clit, between his pussy lips, and right to his entrance.

"Baby, you're so delicious," mutters jk, his hot breath tickling his baby's cunt. "I could eat you out every day and still feel like it's not enough. So yummy…"

тете feels happy, hearing these words, the feeling is almost ecstatic. His hand goes to dad's head, fingers running through his dark hair. He's even more happier when dad tells him he loves him.

"I love you too, daddy," he replies with no hesitation, when jk tries to get every last drop of his son's slick into his mouth, licking into him like he owns him which in fact is very true. тете falls asleep with a smile on his face.

тете can't wait for Saturday to come because on that day his mom is going out with her girlfriends. Usually when he wakes up, the woman is already gone and she comes back very late so he has a lot of time to spend with dad and dad only.

He's still sleepy when getting out of bed and leaving his bedroom. Yawning, he walks around the house to find his dad. "Daddy!" says happily тете, when he walks into the man's office and sees him browsing some reports.

"Good morning, baby. Did you sleep well?" тете nods and walks towards him. He stops by his desk, dressed in a T-shirt only that barely covers his plump cunt. "Why are you working that early?"

"Someone has to make money to buy you anything you want, sweetheart," jk replies with a smirk. He gives him a sloppy morning kiss, placing his hand on тете's butt cheek. It's so soft and firm at the same time. "Are you hungry?"

"Not yet," says тете, shaking his head. "I want to play" "Okay. Go play and I'll join you when I finish" jk's gaze falls upon his paperwork again but тете doesn't move, still looking at his dad. He licks his bottom lip.

"I want to play with your cock, daddy," тете confesses with a smile on his face. "Can I?" jk lets out a sigh. "I really have to work, baby. Later?"

тете pouts. He would rather not wait any minute and even though he doesn't say anything, his dad knows exactly what he's thinking. "Okay... You can play with it while I'm working."

As soon as тете hears it, he just kneels at his feet under the dad's desk. He nuzzles dad's cock through his sweats with his nose, just before he unzips dad's pants to finally pull still soft, yet already massive cock out.

тете is so excited and happy to play with dad's cock, he can't stop smiling. At first, he just strokes the shaft very gently, and when dad's cock becomes bigger and harder, it makes him lean forward and plants a kiss on now displayed glans.

"What are you doing, baby?" asks jk, looking down with one eyebrow raised and curiosity on his face. "Hmm?" тете's cheeks are flushed all of a sudden. "I just wanted to kiss your cock, daddy. Are you mad at me?". He looks like he's about to cry, thinking he did something wrong.

"Of course I'm not, you silly," jk says quickly, already regretting his choice of words. "I was just curious, that's it. You can continue to play. You can kiss daddy's cock and even lick it or suck on it, I don't really mind"

"Really?" asks тете, sadness disappearing from his face in a split second. His fingers are wrapped around the shaft again, moving up and down. "I can suck on your cock like it's a popsicle?" "You can do anything you want to, princess. Just don't bite, okay?"

тете nods quickly and in the next moment he leans forward to kiss the head again. He decides to give daddy's cock plenty of kitten licks over the entire length, giggling every time it twitches.

jk tries to focus on his papers but when he feels his baby's hot tongue going up and down on him, he can't help but hum from time to time. He wants to grab his hair but eventually he just pats тете's head.

"Are you having a good time, baby?" he asks, glancing down. At the same time тете looks up and nods with a wide smile on his face, his lips shining by a mix of saliva and precum. "I want daddy's milk! I mean… daddy's cum. I want it, I want it!"

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"My baby is that hungry, huh? You've just told me you didn't want breakfast yet, but want daddy's cum so bad?" jk teases and licks his bottom lip. "Suck me good and I'll give you cummies for breakfast"

He moves the desk so тете won't hurt his head while sucking on his dick which he's doing now, slurping. тете's hand is wrapped around the bottom of the shaft and the second one is playing with the balls, massaging them. He does it so perfectly even though it's his first time.

"Wonderful," praises jk, gently patting his head. "Good boy. Look at daddy, I want to see your watery eyes." He's looking at him in awe, humming deeply as he feels hot tongue pressed against his cock. тете's head goes up and down, fat cock filling his whole mouth.

"Seems like you don't have a gag reflex," comments jk. тете stops for a moment, curious because of dad's words. "Huh? What does that mean?"

"Some people can't really take a cock deeply in their mouth because it makes them gag," explains jk, his hand still stroking his baby's head. "Your mom, for example"

тете is surprised but another emotion quickly spreads on his face - a huge excitement mixed with satisfaction. He starts leaving kitten licks on his father's cock, while still looking at him. "Does that mean I am the only one who can make daddy feel good?"

"There's no one else whom I let play with my cock, only you, baby" jk replies with a smirk.

jk's words are just enough to make тете feel special. He again puts his mouth all the way around the throbbing cock and pushes it so far down his throat. There are tears in the corners of his eyes but it doesn't stop him at least not until his dad finally says he's going to cum.

"Are you sure you want to swallow all of daddy's milk?" asks jk, wrapping his hand around twitching cock when тете pulls away and opens his mouth with anticipation.  "Aaaaall of it," says тете almost immediately.

Like a good, caring father jk is, he fulfills his son's request and soon later cums in his mouth with a grunt. тете swallows his dad's release without any hesitation, a mixture of spit and cum dripping down his mouth but he licks it up in a moment, making cute sounds.

"Good boy," jk praises him again. "Come here, give me a kiss"

тете stands up quickly and sits on dad's lap, feeling arms wrapping around his tiny waist. He places his hands on daddy's cheeks and leans forward to kiss him passionately. Soft moans escape his mouth from time to time when he feels jk sucking on his tongue or lower lip.

"I love you so much, daddy" he confesses not long after. His wet dripping cunt is pressed against his father's cock. "You're my favorite person in the whole world."

"I love you too, baby" replies jk, his hands are now playing with the boy's firm butt cheeks. "How about you look after yourself for a bit and I'll join you when I finish? I'm afraid I won't be able to focus with you around because you steal all of my attention".

тете's happy with his father's words, knowing he just can't resist him. He nods his head and then give him one more kiss before going out of his home office. "Don't make me wait too long, daddy" "I promise I won't" says jk.

When jk decides to give himself a break, he joins тете in the living room. His little boy is playing video games on the Playstation, sitting on the couch with his knees close to his chest and plump cunt displayed between spread legs. He pauses the game when he notices his dad.

"Finished?" "Almost," says jk, sitting down next to him. "Still have some e-mails to send, but I'll do it later. You should eat breakfast, baby" "I already had breakfast, daddy, and it was delicious"

"Daddy's cum is not enough, silly. You should still eat something. Maybe some pancakes, hmm?" suggests jk, stroking тете's head.

тете nods, even though he isn't that hungry. He follows his dad to the kitchen and then sits on the kitchen countertop, his slim, silky smooth legs dangling above the floor.

"Next weekend we're going on short holiday, you remember?" asks jk, standing in front of an open fridge. He takes out a carton of milk and eggs.  тете's face brightens up immediately but just as quickly as it happens, he looks upset again. "With mom, right...?"

"Yeah, you, me and mom," agrees jk, nodding his head. "Why? You don't want to go? You always liked sunbathing and swimming in the sea".

"I still like it but... I would rather go on holiday with you and you only, daddy. Mom will be complaining all the time and I'm sure she will scold me for anything I'd do."

jk sighs, looking at his pouting baby. He walks up to him, stands between his spread thighs and тете's hands lay on his shoulders. "I won't let her scold you, I promise."

"Okay..." murmurs тете. He's still not convinced but tries to think positively. A smile appears on his face when dad plants a kiss on his nose.

A moment later he observes how dad makes pancakes for him and he's so happy when later on he sees his pancakes are heart-shaped. He decides to eat them with whipped cream and strawberries. "Thank you, daddy! It's delicious!"

After breakfast, he goes upstairs to brush his teeth and wash his face. He changes his clothes too, so now he's wearing a pink top. The top is so short it can't even cover his tits fully - they stick out from below. Apart from skimpy top he's only wearing white stockings.

And of course his dad doesn't really mind. He loves to see his baby's drooling cunt on full display, his wiggling butt and bouncing tits.

jk changes too, now he's wearing black pants and a black shirt, a few buttons undone, showing his muscular chest. When they go back to living room, тете still wants to play video games but...

"What's on your mind, baby?" asks jk, knowing his son too well to not notice a small smirk on his face. "Can I suck on your cock while playing games?" "Oh my god," murmurs jk. "You'll be the death of me..." "Huh?" тете starts blinking, mouth open from being surprised.

"Of course you can," says jk, unzipping his pants. His breath becomes heavier the second he feels тете's lips wrapping around the head of his cock. тете lies on the couch, his head rests on dad's thigh. He sucks on the soft cock like it's a pacifier, unpausing the video game.

jk's finger run through his son's hair as he watches him playing games with a mouth full of hardening cock. It seems like he just can't get enough, becoming greedier and greedier every day. But again, jk doesn't really mind.

He can't remember last time his wife gave him head, she never liked it and she was bad at it too. Yet тете makes an impression like he was born to have a cock in his mouth, he asks for it all the time and is so happy when he gets what he wants. Him and jk make a perfect duo.

jk cums into his son's mouth for the second time today and he thinks it's not the last time, for sure. тете swallows his cum like a good baby he is and even after that he still wants to hold the softening dick shoved down his throat.

He falls asleep like that, so jk has to carefully put his cock out, trying not to wake him up. He can't help but laugh when тете wakes up later that day and the first time he asks for is his dad's cock.

It's pretty much how they spend the whole Saturday - jk pants are unzipped, his cock pulled out in case тете wants to suck on it again and again. In the evening jk is so exhausted from cumming plenty of times he finally has to say "no".

"I need some rest, baby. You just drained daddy's balls." тете giggles and shrugs, "sorry, daddy!"

The next week passed so quickly like it was one day. Every day after school тете was picked up by his father, and as soon as he sat in his car, he took his panties off, sometimes hiking up his skirt, too.

At home, when they were alone, he played with dad's cock and before sleep he received goodnight kisses from him.

On Friday, the day before going on holiday, him and dad are sitting on a couch in the living room, watching TV. тете is wearing only a small top and stocking, his new favorite outfit. He's nestled in dad's chest, with one leg thrown over dad's thigh.

"Daddy?" "Yeah, baby?" "I want to show you something," says тете, looking up at his father. "Can I?" "Sure, baby," says jk with a smile. "What would you like to show me?"

тете moves away a bit, leaning his back against the backrest of a couch. He spreads his knees as wide as he can, biting on his lower lip. His hand going slowly to his cunt, fingers stroke his puffy lips and a pink clit hidden between them.

"I can put one finger inside!" he confesses proudly, waiting for a praise. "Oh really?" asks jk, smirking. "How do you know? Have you tried already?" "Yesterday," says тете, nodding with excitement. "I'll show you."

Biting on his lower lip, he slides his index finger in his wet hole. Even though it's just one finger, he can't help but let out a moan.  "Good boy," whispers jk, getting himself closer to have a better look. "Have you tried two fingers?"

"Only one," confesses тете, his hot walls are clenching around his finger. "I'm not sure two will fit in..." "I know you can do it, baby. Don't you want to try?"

"Okay, I'll try!" says тете, wanting to make his daddy proud. Another moan escapes his mouth when he slowly slides a second finger in, his face briefly scrunches up at the sensation. "I did it!"

"See? I told you. I'm sure you can fit in even more." jk pats his head and leans forward to give him a kiss.  тете pulls his hand away and as soon as he does it, he feels empty to the point it makes him upset. "Daddy? Can we try with your fingers? Yours are bigger than mine"

"Of course we can," says jk. He's been waiting for it, actually, he's been craving for it. To not waste any minute, he places his hand on тете's cunt and starts rubbing it, covering his fingers with a slick. "One at a time?" he asks and тете just nods.

"Oh my god," groans тете the second he feels a long finger sliding into his wet entrance. "So... good..." "You swallowed my finger like it's nothing for you, baby. You like it?" тете nods energetically, too overwhelmed to speak right now.

"Before I'll add another one, let me stretch you out a little bit," says jk, already moving his finger in and out. He starts slowly, focusing on the feeling of that velvety inside and listening to тете's moans. "Look at you, baby. You are so pretty."

"E-even prettier than m-mom?" stutters тете, wiggling. He's moving his hips, riding his father's finger, his walls tightening around it. "Prettier than anyone. The prettiest doll on this planet. I'm so happy I have you. You're mine and only mine, right?"

"Of c-course," admits тете, nodding. "More please, I want one more"

His back arches the second jk slides another finger in and curls them backward once they are deep inside. The feeling is so overwhelming yet so good he wants to cry with pleasure. Tears are shaking on his waterline and lips are constantly open, letting out loud moans and purrs.

"My baby's doing so well," whispers jk, leaning forward to plant a few kisses on тете's tummy. "I'll play with your beautiful titties, too. Can I?" As soon as тете nods, he lifts the skimpy top to suck on his hard nipple while fingering him.

It is too much and not enough for тете at the same time but he surely doesn't want to stop, still begging for more.

He doesn't even notice when the third finger slides into him, he doesn't realize not until he hears, "you were afraid two fingers won't fit in you but look at you, baby, taking daddy's three fingers so well. You're so tight, princess, yet so stretchable. Give daddy a kiss."

He obeys, no questions asked but soon later he feels his clit twitching more and more. "Daddy, I-," "Cum for me, baby. Don't hold yourself back, you'll feel amazing. I promise."

тете knows his father is always right, wishing him the best. A loud scream escapes his mouth, his pussy tightens around dad's fingers and body quivers as he squirts so abundantly, wetting not only jk's fingers but also his shirt and the couch.

Panting, he looks at his dad who slowly pulls his hand away, making him feel empty the second his fingers are no longer in his gaping hole. "Look at the mess you did, baby. I didn't know you can squirt like that," chuckles jk, his face full of admiration.

тете tries to catch breath, his body trembling, tits bouncing as his chest goes up and down. He feels so exhausted, yet so good.

"Let me have one more look before we go wash, hmm?" says jk, spreading his son's pussy lips to see the gaping, pink hole. His fingers go around the entrance. "Did you like it?"

*tete’s glistening pussy*

[a/n:] Soon I'll post it on ao3 too, the story is already +10k words long now, woah D: Feel free to dm me or ask anything on cc, if you have any suggestions I'm all ears too, love you 💕

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