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SakuAtsu / NSFW, omegaverse, possessive Kiyoomi, fated mates, arranged marriage, scenting, knotting Free day for Omegaverse week! @HQOmegaverse #hqomegaverseweek2022

Atsumu hates how empty and lonely the castle feels. It had been months since the wedding, and Atsumu had seen his husband only a handful of times. The alpha was a powerful ruler, feared by many and loved by few.

Atsumu didn’t hate him- no, he couldn’t. How could he hate someone he knew so little about? The alpha had been kind enough to allow Osamu to move in with him. Only on the condition that he was to run the alpha’s guard after watching them spar.

Kiyoomi had been impressed with Osamu's agility, speed, and strength. They had been raised far away from the castle, and Kiyoomi had only ever seen those traits in men trained by his own guard. So when it was announced he was to marry Kiyoomi, his brother came with.

But that usually meant Osamu was busy and unable to spend time with the omega. Atsumu walks the long corridors day after day, searching for something to pass the time. Looking for anything that would kill the time until sleep hit him.

Atsumu had been promised to Kiyoomi years before. A deal made to protect and provide for his people of their little kingdom. A beneficial agreement for both parties. But Atsumu knew nearly nothing about Kiyoomi when he first stepped through the doors. Kiyoomi was cold.

Kiyoomi was as distant as he possibly could and kept his space. It’s not for the lack of trying—Atsumu had—but he was always met with the excuse of being needed elsewhere. Always left alone to his own devices in the massive castle. So, Atsumu wanders, as he usually does.

His fingers run across the faded wallpaper down the corridor. But he couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him. He continues down the hall, admiring the delicate pattern of the centuries-old curtains, when he was suddenly pressed against the wall.

"Little omega, all alone..." Atsumu begins to panic at the unknown voice. His sweet tulip scent turns rotten in an instant as the unknown alpha presses him against the wall. Something sharp digging into his side, Atsumu whimpered in fear. "All alone. No one to help-"

In the blink of an eye, the weight was off of him, and he hears a loud crash beside him. Atsumu opens his eyes to find Kiyoomi standing beside him. Anger flares in his eyes, fist clenched at his side, and snarling at the unknown alpha on the floor. "Kiyo-" Atsumu softly cried.

"Are you hurt?" Kiyoomi is at his side in an instant. He pumps out calming pheromones and envelops them in his woodsy-pine scent. Atsumu threw his arms around his neck, shaking as he realized this was the first they'd ever touched in this way. As soon as he was about to pull

away, Kiyoomi wraps his arms around his waist. He pressed his nose in this crook of his neck and inhaled. Kiyoomi is the one to pull away when two guards rush past them and collect the alpha off the floor. Kiyoomi turned; anger flared in his eyes again as he spoke,

"Don't touch what's mine, and don't ever step another foot in this castle, or i'll kill you myself." The guards whisk him away, and Kiyoomi finds himself back in Atsumu's arms. Atsumu welcomes him. He wraps his arms back around the alpha, and they stand there in each

others embrace. "I didn't even know ya were here-" "It's okay. Everything is alright. Are you hurt?" Kiyoomi took his face in both of his hands, forcing Atsumu to look up into his eyes. Atsumu shook his head no. Atsumu's mind whirled as he stood there, looking into the eyes of

his husband. This was the most they had ever touched, talked, or been in each other presence since the wedding. Atsumu hadn't realized how much he wanted this. Kiyoomi's scent was intoxicating. Neither hadn't realized what being this close was doing to each other.

They got lost in each other, so lost that neither realized what was happening. Atsumu slowly inched forward, Kiyoomi following until they were just centimeters away from each other. Kiyoomi felt it first; that pull deep from within his gut. It raged and called out for the omega

in front of him. /Mate./ "Mate." Kiyoomi softly whispered against Atsumu's lips. As soon as he said it, Atsumu felt that same pull and closed the space in between them. He pulls their lips together, hunger and desire running through their veins. /Soulmates./

Kiyoomi picks Atsumu up, never pulling apart, and he wraps his legs around his waist. He walks them to their room on the other side of the castle. Kiyoomi knows the way, like the back of his hand. Atsumu pulls away breathlessly and presses their foreheads together.

"Take me." Atsumu whispers. "I never want to be apart from ya again." Kiyoomi lays down on their bed. He steps back and undoes his shirt and pants, "I won't ever allow you to be away from me again." Atsumu purrs at his words and quickly undresses. Kiyoomi stands back as he

watches with a newfound hunger for his omega. "Present for me, /my/ omega." Atsumu doesn't have to be told twice; he turns over and spreads his knees. His hole is glistening with slick, Kiyoomi gums ache, a sudden urge to finally claim his omega. his knees dip into the bed,

Atsumu arches harder and presses his face into the mattress. "Mine. All mine." Kiyoomi groans before he pushes into Atsumu's tight heat. "Yours. All yours, alpha." Atsumu sighs in contentment as Kiyoomi begins to thrust. There's no pain, only indescribable pleasure with each

deep roll of Kiyoomi's hips. Heat quickly takes over; Atsumu rocks back, meeting each ofKiyoomi thrusts as he chases his release. Kiyoomi's eyes roll back each time Atsumu squeezes around his cock. He can feel his knot begin to swell. Atsumu cried out as it begins to catch

around his rim. It's too good. It's hot and fast. And each time their skin meets, it knocks the breath out of him. Atsumu clenches the linen sheet under him, his knuckles turning white as Kiyoomi's hip speed up. "Yes~ yes, please. oh, god..."

"My precious, My darling omega," Kiyooomi folds in half, pressing his sweaty chest against Atsumu's back, lips pressed against his ear. "My love, come for me." Atsumu moans, and Kiyoomi fucks into him without rest. It's too much. Too hot. Not enough. His mind swims with desire

and nothing but his alpha. "You're mine. Atsumu, you are /mine./ Do you understand? Never leaving you. You can never leave me." Kiyoomi rambles in his ear, his thrusts turning increasingly sloppy. They're both panting. Atsumu is past the point of being able to respond.

Kiyoomi's dick brushes past his prostate each time he pulls out. Thier scents have mixed in the air around them. It makes Atsumu keen to have such a beautiful scent together. His omega sings. Kiyoomi grips his waist and pulls him back on each thrust, controlling every aspect of

his pleasure. "/My omega./" Kiyoomi whispers one last time before Atsumu comes. Kiyoomi's knot pops at the same time, causing Atsumu to immediately come again. His eyes roll to the back of his head, gripping the sheet so tight he's sure he's torn them as Kiyoomi fills him.

Kiyoomi kisses all along Atsumu's sweaty shoulders. Atsumu hums, trying to fight the sleepiness that calls to him. Kiyoomi gently rolls them onto their sides to wait for his knot to go down. "Sleep, my love." Atsumu can't seem to fight it anymore. Kiyoomi wraps his arm around

his waist again, pulling him flush against his back. He continues to softly kiss every inch of his back. "Sleep. You'll need the energy, because I am far from done with you." Atsumu smiles as sleep finally wins. /end

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