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Copywriting gets people to click. But psychology persuades them to pull out their credit card... Here are 11 psychological triggers everyone should know (please use them ethically):

1. Hick's Law → More options create decision fatigue and buying uncertainty. @thejustinwelsh does a great job with his empire offering one purchase option:

@thejustinwelsh 2. Goal Gradient Effect → Motivation increases as users get closer to their goal. Used in setup, sign-up, and checkouts. Example @aioseopack WordPress setup:

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack 3. Feedforward → Conversions increase when people know what to expect before they take action This can be used in Saas, signups, or emails (as we see with @ItsKieranDrew):

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew 4. Fresh Start Effect → Users are more likely to take action if there's a feeling of new beginnings The copy here from @dickiebush "Finally Start" helps envision a new beginning:

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew @dickiebush 5. Scarcity → People value things more when they're in limited supply Can be done with: • Urgency • Screening • Limited spots @WrongsToWrite creates urgency with a screening:

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew @dickiebush @WrongsToWrite 6. Variable Reward → People are drawn to an unexpected outcome. Use: • Quizzes • Bonuses • Giveaways To utilize variable rewards. Just like @austinbelcak

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew @dickiebush @WrongsToWrite @austinbelcak 7. Loss Aversion → Potential losses have a greater effect than potential gains Budget airlines perfected this with "add-ons":

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew @dickiebush @WrongsToWrite @austinbelcak 8. Von Restorff Effect → People notice items that stand out more Specific colors and designs can prompt action. Look what @MakadiaHarsh does with his button/chat colors:

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew @dickiebush @WrongsToWrite @austinbelcak @MakadiaHarsh 9. Cashless Effect → People spend more when they don't actually see the money • PayPal • Apple Pay • Google Pay All reduce friction for payment. @arvidkahl uses PayPal checkout with his course:

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew @dickiebush @WrongsToWrite @austinbelcak @MakadiaHarsh @arvidkahl 10. Confirmation Bias → People want evidence that confirms their beliefs. This is an effective copywriting technique to frame your offer. Here @thedankoe uses bullets to confirm bias:

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew @dickiebush @WrongsToWrite @austinbelcak @MakadiaHarsh @arvidkahl @thedankoe 11. Storytelling Effect → People remember stories better than facts alone A good "origin" story works to sell an offer. See how @JeffGoins keeps you captivated with his storytelling:

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew @dickiebush @WrongsToWrite @austinbelcak @MakadiaHarsh @arvidkahl @thedankoe @JeffGoins Learning these triggers is one thing. But using them to: • Predictably craft viral content • Build an audience of raging fans • Persuade readers to share your content Is another. Join me & learn how to leverage psychology to build an audience.

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew @dickiebush @WrongsToWrite @austinbelcak @MakadiaHarsh @arvidkahl @thedankoe @JeffGoins If you enjoyed this and you're into the creator economy and digital writing: 1. Follow me @jonbrosio for more badass threads like this 2. Retweet the 1st tweet of this thread to help inspire others

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew @dickiebush @WrongsToWrite @austinbelcak @MakadiaHarsh @arvidkahl @thedankoe @JeffGoins TL;DR 11 psychological triggers everyone should know: • Goal Gradient Effect • Von Restorff Effect • Confirmation Bias • Storytelling Effect • Fresh Start Effect • Variable Reward • Cashless Effect • Loss Aversion • Feedforward • Hick's Law • Scarcity

@thejustinwelsh @aioseopack @ItsKieranDrew @dickiebush @WrongsToWrite @austinbelcak @MakadiaHarsh @arvidkahl @thedankoe @JeffGoins If you want to get started creating your own money-making online business Check out this free resource that walks you step-by-step towards making your first $3,000 writing online

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